The Biggest Story of the Week And Everyone Missed It

To this commentator the big story of the week was the one know one mentioned.

YouTube, aka Google, aka Sundar Pichai unceremoniously pulled the raw 60 Minutes interview from the internet, the very interview that we learned was in fact edited so that Ron DeSantis was not able to defend himself against egregious charges of pay-for-play over the vaccine rollout in Florida. Google was complicit in hiding the truth from their massive global platform, and they did it with one single objective.

My first reaction was, “who the hell do you think you are?”

YouTube arbitrarily pulls videos for reasons that are sometimes not clear, what they deem ‘dangerous to society.’ It must be a pretty high perch they look down upon because a Governor defending himself, as far as I can tell, isn’t spreading misinformation or spreading panic. It isn’t even interesting to most people outside of Florida, so why pull it from YouTube and conceal it – unless of course you are worried the Florida Governor poses a real threat in 2024 if he decides to run for president.

Or perhaps you are worried people will realize these other Governors have been screwing up their States (along with people’s lives) and DeSantis exposes them for the fools they are.

The truth is YouTube, aka Google, aka Sundar Pichai, hates conservatives, and especially ones that are both popular and effective. Ron DeSantis has done a fantastic job so far in his first tenure as Florida’s governor and he is a very popular conservative.

I interviewed Governor DeSantis in 2015 while still a congressmen, who struck me then as average. Six years later he has proven himself to outperform even Governor -now- Senator Rick Scott, who was outstanding as a governor in his own right.

I shutter to think how Terry Gilliam would have performed during the pandemic as governor with so many vulnerable elderly in our state. Perhaps Gilliam would have put in stupid pandemic policies more in line with what Cuomo did in New York, and what Gavin Newsom has done in California. Perhaps we would be in perpetual lockdown and would never had known that lockdowns do not help prevent spread; perhaps our school kids would be committing suicide just like the they in California, Washington and Michigan; perhaps our States economy, under Gilliam, would be in the toilet like they are in New York and Illinois under Democratic leadership. Perhaps all of this is what YouTube doesn’t want you to know.

Twenty-five million Floridans are very happy and proud to be living here because of the kind of leadership we have received, despite the attempted takedown by the sham-artists over at CBS News.

And this is why people like DeSantis pose a threat to people like Sundar Pichai, because that asshole in California thinks micromanaging the shit out of people is the answer. DeSantis has proven him, and other overlords at YouTube to be frauds.

How can we trust whatever else they keep from us “for our own good?”

So the big story is that Big Tech thinks you are stupid and they intend to keep you that way.

YouTube should be sued by Publix, the State of Florida, and anyone else who was besmirched, not so much by the shoddy and misleading reporting of CBS, but by the deliberate attempt to conceal the truth of what was really said, so that people could make up their own minds on the matter.

You Tube, Twitter and Facebook have become the gatekeepers of information, the unofficial and un-appointed Ministry of Truth for Western democracies.

There should be outrage at any tech company or social network that seeks to conceal information.

The only remaining question is whether the board at Alphabet wants their company to be led by a bigot who hates people simply on the basis of their political views.

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