Floyd’s Trial is About Justice – Not Race

Some idiot said ‘America is on trial’ with the George Floyd case. 

Is America being charged with a crime? What crime? Are all Americans complicit. Who are the peers judging us? 

The only thing on trial is what is always on trial when a man is charged with murder. 

Will the prosecution make a solid case based on the evidence? Derek Chauvin isn’t guilty trying to prove his innocence; he has presumed innocence and is charged with a crime because the State of Minneapolis believes a crime was committed and it has the evidence to prove it.

Too many people have, from the very beginning, made this about race, that Floyd was killed because he was black, not because he was being arrested for committing a felony, nor because he was high and could have posed a physical threat.

If there had been no video of Floyd being pinned down played 3.4 million times across all media for two weeks, there would not have been the raucous that followed. It was, in my opinion, the video that drove this case. Out-of-context videos are powerful weapons for a salacious media looking to make headlines.

Perhaps race did have something to do with George Floyd’s life being a series of bad luck moments; you can even argue that systemic racism made it harder for George to get back on track, but that isn’t the charge. America isn’t on trial; America didn’t commit a crime, unless having cops to preserve order constitutes a crime.

I know people of color want this to be about America and whether we can admit to being a racist nation, but even if that were true, that isn’t what made George Floyd die. The three charges being brought against Derek Chauvin have to do with indifference to suffering, negligence, or unnecessary force.

A jury will hear testimony and will be presented evidence by both sides. Then the jury, after hearing the evidence will issue a verdict to the charges. Nothing more. This is law and order in a country that rests upon justice being served the correct way, not mob justice, not racial justice over every racist crime ever committed in America. It’s about a cop and if what he did was criminally negligent, indifferent or homicidal.

Any news network that presents this case in any other way is not reporting the news, they are grandstanding and making it a bigger story for the desired effect of producing higher ratings so they can charge more for advertising. That is the truth.

As Americans we must all have trust in our system, and if the system produces a verdict that turns America into a burning hell, then we will see what a country looks like when it disregards its own system of justice in favor of mob rule.

If anything is on trial here, it’s our ability to remain civil. And if we can’t, then the problem isn’t racism, it is the embrace of anarchy at the hands of a few being supported by a media that no longer supports law and order as a way of settling differences.

I hope the Floyd family that just won a multi-million dollar civil suit over the death of George takes that money and moves far away. It will be a lot safer than staying once the verdict is read.

Sources tell me the prosecution knew going in they had no case; and the whole point of this case was to create racial war. That looks a lot more likely than a settled and accepted verdict based on the sound principles of law and order.

One comment

  1. For those who wish to further divide the country, an acquittal — and the inevitable ensuing riots — is indeed preferable to a conviction.


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