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The Real Conversation Black People Should Be Having.

I do a fair amount of videography, and I specialize in time-lapse video. It is cool the way you can slow time down and then speed it up so that an hour becomes a minute. Sometimes a quick one-minute sped-up reality allows you to see that time is a construct by which we measure our limited perspective. We look at a decade when instead, we should look at life over hundreds of years. The longer the scope, the greater depth of understanding you can have at how things evolve over time.

I have a wall map that shows a human development graph going back to the stone age.

It shows that every country except sub-Saharan Africa seemingly had significant development stages over the last three to five thousand years, but that little happened among the peoples of this great continent.

Why did they languish while in places like China, Europe and Mesopotamia there was great invention?

Was it because the African people were being enslaved for thousands of years?

Or perhaps the climate, being salubrious, did not force invention?

Not sure. 

Is it because they never evolved to form a cohesive government that saw the benefits of free trade and commerce? Perhaps.

Is it because every thirty miles there was a different dialect and religious culture that prevented these people from forming coalitions that might have someday developed into kingdoms, monarchs and even a basic form of representative government?

There is truth to this.

By the time all of the other major racial groups throughout the world had gone through the Bronze Age, The Iron Age, the of Reason and even the Age of Enlightenment, the sub-Saharan African people remained relatively unchanged, making them ripe for exploitation. These many tribesmen in those faraway African lands were but primitive humans found defenseless against the more advancing and cunning foreign tribes.

It was the tardy development over most of the continent over the last five thousand years that made the indigenous African susceptible to slavery from the 16th to 19th Century.

Even today there are still villages, thousands of them, throughout Africa where there is rampant illiteracy, famine and failing government. The country is beautiful, the people are both beautiful and kind, but they suffer still.

If I was Black I wouldn’t be asking “where is my share of the American dream?” but rather, “why am I not doing more to help my own race abroad? I am from a rich country, I am educated. What can I do to bring Africa to a place where it can thrive, as it should?”

People like Al Sharpton, Joe Reid and Stacey Abrams, if they had any wisdom they would use their influence to help fellow African countries come into the 21st Century, instead of dwelling on continued dissent along racial lines in this country, the land of the free. These race-baiters, who are comfortably rich themselves, are bought and paid for by advocacy groups who do not have African-American interest in mind, but do have their own agenda, which is to get something for nothing and use past sins as a way of getting retribution in the present.

To the athletes who take a knee, to the actors and performers who flash their bling as they talk about being oppressed, why don’t you go to your heritage lands and teach them free-market capitalism and representative government, help them push out Marxist leaders and war-lords who exploit their own in the name of greed and power?

What greater cause could there be than to help Africa today? Put your energies into real change; show them how they can be better as a nation, and bring them the knowledge you received here, so that they that can modernize, so that someday they can have their own national football league, national basketball league, can build their own schools and colleges, so that they can shake off the despots who prostitute their country.

If you choose to be angry, be angry at the Black leaders in Africa who still exploit their brothers and sisters; that’s where the fight is, that’s where you can have real and lasting influence.

If Cardi B and Niki Minaj would pick a place, any place in Africa and help build schools and create an inclusive environment where children can learn to read and write without fear of being kidnapped by a warlord or human trafficking organization, that would make headlines. That would get a lot of likes on You Tube, I assure you.

Barack Obama is making millions off of his fame and fortune, but what is he doing in his mothers land to make life better for his brothers and sisters there? How can this former president be effective in convincing leaders in The DRC or Somalia to stop the killing and start the healing, that there is a better way.

This most recent Easter Sunday, former President Obama was inserting himself into a spat over the World Series in Atlanta while being silent on the 50,000 people in Palma, Mozambique, who fled their homes from an invasion of Islamic warlords with machetes.

Could Obama help show these erring leaders a better way? I think he could.

This might sound demeaning, but I am actually giving you good advice, which is to stop complaining about systemic racism here and work on improving ethnic disparity both here and there. Take what America gave you here and do some good overseas.

Talk about a good use of energy.

To all Black Americans: this your country by birthright, just as it is ours; we have shared ownership, so let’s work together to keep bad government from destroying this great country and also, show our bretheran how a good government, principled on freedom and dignity, can be exported to ancient lands abroad.

We need to work together. Charles Barkly is right when he says the people are good, it’s the leadership that seeks to divide us.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful homage if, over the stretch of time,  the ancestors of those slaves could bring back to their ancient lands, new ideas and experiences about governing, to assist the African man and woman in developing a new and superior nation, taking the best of the American or Western experience, and making it your own?

Africa is ripe for change. Almost the entire nation is bankrupt and besieged by foreign influences who wish to continue to exploit her riches and control her resources. 

To me there is real opportunity for the American African today to collaborate with his distant brothers and sisters and bring about a future Africa that becomes the beacon of hope to all members of the Indigo race of the world in the place of their origin stretching back before recorded time.

Hear this: despite slavery having been in America during an earlier time, that time ended, and she was thus cured by the spilling of blood of over six hundred thousand people who fought to end slavery on these lands.

How would it be if, this modern age, the African people could also be brought in to embrace our ideas of liberty and the right to pursue happiness?

They would be willing.

Think about that, Don Lemon, the next time you want to spout off about how bad Blacks have it in America, when there is a whole other continent waiting for your help – and wishing they could have it as good as you.

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