The Numbers are Staggering. Why China Needs To Come Clean on Covid

Having spent the better part of the last 18 months studying and reporting on the coronavirus statistics, I am simply amazed at the sheer destruction China has caused, to no ones’ ire, it seems, as the fire rages on.

This virus keeps adapting and it has become a global whack-a-mole with no end in sight. The global political leadership is also askew because many leaders and governments seem to be grasping at straws trying to deal with this pandemic.

At present Europe seems to be going through a fourth wave, with some indications in selected areas the U.S. seems to be following suit. Apparently, as different strains adapt, younger people are getting infected, driving new cases. The good news is we are achieving some level of mitigation by insuring those most vulnerable, the elderly, re getting vaccinated. The chances of survival if you get covid-10 is now much greater.

The bad news is this Sars-Cov2 is taking its sweet time infecting the global population in new ways, creating uncertainty everywhere. Even younger children are starting to get sick as new variants emerge in places like London, France and Germany. Death rates are indeed leveling off, but new cases are feeding the pipeline, and there seems, after 18 months, no sure way to keep new cases from rising.

One thing we know is that lockdowns seems to be completely ineffective. Counterintuitive as it may seem, countries with extreme lockdowns have people getting sicker more often that countries that don’t. And yet lockdowns, the economic destruction of countries, continues as the only remedy to control new case surges.

No one wants to admit that perhaps fresh air, sunshine and movement may actually provide extra immunity. The virus is going to do what it was wants, and infection is inevitable. Building herd immunity may have been the better choice early on, but now that we know coronavirus seems determined to mutate frequently, herd immunity may no longer feasible. The herd can’t build immunity to a virus that keeps mutating. Our health experts will keep having to make new vaccines to keep up with the new variants, and we may have to keep taking jabs annually, like the annual flu shot.

Perhaps the most tragic news in all of this is the continuation of the People Republic of China, and specifically, the Chinese Communist Party, and its refusal to reveal exactly what kind of virus they created so that we can have a proper understanding of what we are up against. They refuse to tell us the true origins, which would reveal why this virus possibly mutates they way that it does, so that we, the human race, can have have a better grasp on producing the right therapy to give us control.

The people behind this project must know what they engineered, and they must fess up to this truth. This is a very smart virus, unlike any other. It starts by killing the most vulnerable, then mutates and starts attacking younger people, changing it seems every few months, adapting, moving through society with a killer’s vengeance. Normal virus don’t behave this way.

What is it? Why does it behave this way? Perhaps China doesn’t have all of the answers, but if they made this bio weapon, we need to know how to diffuse it.

Many decades a go my family car broke down. The engine just stopped. My father’s friend, a mechanic, offered to diagnose and fix the problem for a nominal fee. For a week this guy took a part the whole engine but never disclosed that he knew what the problem was all along. This mechanic had actually poured syrup into the gas tank. As the sugar moved through the engine, the sugar in the syrup crystalized, got hard and clamped up the moving parts of the engine, pistons, gear shifts, everything. The mechanic did this because he needed work, and he created the problem so that he could benefit from offering a solution. But the fact that he knew what the problem was-and never disclosed it- is an illustration of what China is doing to every other country in the world.

China is lying and until they tell the truth we will never get a fix on the Sars-Cov2 virus.

How can any government hope to retain its credibility at this stage?

The Chinese people would be deeply ashamed if they knew what their government was doing in their name. The people of China will some day learn of this great tragedy, and for many it will be too much to bear.

The CCP has planted the seed of it’s own future destruction.

The only possible remedy is full transparency.

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  1. Your content is great but the writing is ATROCIOUS. PLEASE hire a proofreader or something; the spelling and grammatical mistakes are terrible and only serve to diminish your message. It’s a message worth hearing, but when it’s delivered with a 3rd grader’s capacity…….


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