Which Pill Do You Take?

Can people really be convinced of an untruth?

The answer is yes and there are grand illustrations of this happening over and over again. 

Most people follow the crowd, people trust others more than themselves. It means not having to take responsibility if you are wrong, the ones who lead are culpable, it is their fault if the information is wrong This is the way of the follower, the blue-pill human who is more comfortable trusting others to tell them what to do and what to believe.

Take the argument of Climate Change for example. In this theory any climate deviation from the norm is proof climate change is being caused by human activity according to consensus science. Why? Because it is settled science, which means there is no room for discussion or even consideration. Case closed. We all now are in compliance with greenhouse gases causing the climate to change. Man produces greenhouse gases, so 1+1 = 2, except that a closer examination of greenhouse gases would disclose they they are in abundance and are naturally produced, and have little bearing on global climate.

Go ahead, ask anyone what those greenhouse gases are, how many. They won’t tell you. They don’t know. They took the blue pill so it doesn’t matter if they know.

Manipulative leaders have figured out that tying pollution to climate repercussions was an easy sell. A hockey stick chart, a vice-president who saw the financial benefits of moving away from cheap energy and instead, uses the educational system in the United States to push the greenhouse gas, global warming theory into the curriculum, and thirty years later you have a sitting Congresswoman claiming earth will uninhabitable by 2030 because she believes it.

Today, our sitting president is committing trillions of dollars to fight climate change, while ironically, also spending more money fixing roads and bridges so more cars can travel, driving up gas taxes to take more money from people who drive (all of us), which in theory, would exacerbate climate change IF such a theory was true.

Here is another example of the lie and how it spreads.

In a few years no one will know where the coronavirus really came from because China is pressuring countries, leaders, publications and institutions from mentioning Wuhan or “China virus” in connection with the Sars-Cov2 virus. They want the world to forget where the virus came from. Soon there will be different theories about where it came from. Relatives recently said they think the virus might have actually come from Europe. The lie is already starting to be spread. Soon new “studies” contradicting the China origin-theory will appear and be reported upon.

It doesn’t matter the truth because it only matters what people can be led to believe.

Take the issue of racism in America. It is now an accepted fact, by both whites and people of color, that white people are systemically racist. It is becoming a forgone conclusion in academia, in pop culture. If you are under the age of 20 you have heard this all of your life and there is no reason for you to not to believe it. The media promotes the perception, public service announcements remind us constantly about the need to “have the conversation” (compliance to the premise), and there are hundreds of publicly funded organizations whose very existence depends on racism being a major concern in the United States. Yet most people get along perfectly fine every songle day in America and elsewhere. The only conflict seems to come from the groups within the groups who feel there is a problem.

It’s hard to know the lines between truth and falsehood because those who lead are usually the ones who deceive. This is not a huge revelation, which begs the question, why are we so gullible?

The latest untruth is that there are multiple biologies, not just male and female. Demi Lovato, the actress, says it best, “I am pansexual, I just love everyone.” Sexually of course. Because it is about sexuality, The blue pillars are obsessed with it. It’s one of the perks of being in the Matrix. The overlords want you to be obsessed with sexuality. Doing so achieves two great functions, it serves as an endless distraction, like hunger, and it destroys the family unit, the last major stumbling block between individual and State. Once the State interdicts between parent and child, power of authority shifts completely to the State. Through the education system, for example, a teacher is required by law to report any incident where a child may be at risk in the home. But imagine if a child reports on parents who are racist, or anti-LGBTQ. Could these pose a threat to the welfare of the child. Are blue pillars okay with the State taking your authority away to “protect the child?” What of your child wants to transition, can the State prevent you from denying this “right” to the child? ket’s ask our current GGS Director, who happens to be a transexual, what she thinks.

Just as two decades ago we began to learn that there were more than two sexual identities, we now are being told gender fluidity is real; people really can choose their own sexual identity and such a choice will be reinforced not only by society, but by the health industry. People are now being told to embrace gender fluidity is truth. So much so in fact, that if you deny it you are labeled as hateful. 

And while we are on the subject, Hate is now considered a legal standing. To hate someone is to commit a specifically categorized crime which requires extra punishment . How someone feels towards you is now a criminal act. Already what one says can get you in jail. What you feel is next.

Most recently a man who had killed his own mother went on to kill a women of Asian descent. Only after killing the Asian woman was he charged with hate crime. I asked my wife, “do you think it was a hate crime when he killed his mother?”

NBC news refer to it as a hate-index. The report on an Asian women who had been attached in daylight was that investigators were trying to determine the hate-index of the person who committed the crime, a measurement of sorts, or what the person felt when committing the crime, only because race was involved. The lie is that Asian-American crime is spiking (from 11 to 33 in one year in the United States) due to the “misnomer” that China somehow caused the coronavirus. First of all it is true the coronavirus came from China and secondly, Asian-hate crimes are not spiking due to American hatred towards Asia because of a virus. There is absolutely no evidence of this trend, except for what the media, and some government officials have claimed is “a concern.”

Probably the motive behind the so called Asian-hate crime spike is because the Chinese Communist Party has sent a message through media management in the West that they would want to prevent people from remembering where the virus came from (because it shames the Peoples Republic of China) and the way to make people forget this is by associating it with racist thought, that one is racist for thinking the virus came from China because such a thought would lead you to be racist against people of Asian descent. It’s clever, and it is exactly how our so-called leaders use manipulation to lead people into believing a lie.

It feels elementary to have to explain all of this this, but I fear people have forgotten what critical thinking is. So I appreciate your indulgence in allowing me to flesh this out.

The Matrix is here. There has never been a better case made for asking which pill are you taking the blue pill, or the red?

Perhaps the better question is which pill do you prefer? The one that allows you to live in the pretend world where you go along to get along and not worry too much about it all, or do you take the red pill so that you don’t get lost in the Matrix and become mere subjects of unreality, a fake construct where compliance is required and there is no allowed dissent?

What is the red pill? What is true reality?

The answer lies with this great truth, from John 15:18:

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” – Jesus

To the blue-piller life is all is about feeling good, satisfied, living in complete security at the hands of overlords. The blue pill is the group voice, consensus, mass compliance.

The red pill is individualism, the right to question and discover truth for oneself, freedom of movement, the free exchange of ideas because it is ultimately better for people in such a society to live this way.

And if we hold to the theory of salvation then our job here in this life is to live a truthful and honest life, where we don’t succumb to temporal morality and relative truths that only suits our immediate personal needs; we don’t adopt ideals that destroy family; we don’t over-indulge in what feels right because of our selfish habits and fetishes.

And we also don’t give homage to governments who want us to simply comply so that we can be used like made servants to the State, compliant because we have lost our ability to think critically, being told we are being protected for our own good, perhaps the biggest lie of all.


  1. You seem to miss the historical context. You need to add ‘since we have measured temperature). The science is clear – the temperature is rising, not a fluke event but an ever recorded event. The heating has environmental consequences. BTW, this goes for almost all of your blogs. You seem leave context and facts out of your opinions. Opinions without facts become propaganda.


  2. Is there a purple pill? That would basically be the red pill without the stupid and ridiculous belief in any god.


    • Well, but you see you think of God as a human invention, but the God I am talking about is representative of the force and energy of the universe that happen to insert personality into an otherwise purely mechanical universe.

      No preaching here and I dont care about your beliefs. But if it is true there is an intelligent Deity, why the resistence to this enobling concept?

      how can a primoridial human of earthly origins even make a clear determination of whether diety exists or not, being less than a hundred years old. Why not have that faith in something bigger than ourselves?

      Seperate the bullshit of religion from reality. Do you think we live in a simple causation universe? Or could it possibly be intelligently managed?


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