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Get Ready for the Show. The George Floyd Trial Begins

Based on facts I will predict the following in the Chauvin trial of the murder of George Floyd.

Chauvin will be convicted of 2nd degree homicide, indifference to suffering; the other two charges will not stick because technically, because Floyd was under the influence of narcotics and was resisting arrest, Chauvin was following procedure. 

The media will spend the next two months playing the trial up to rile racial strife, or will try to. The trial will give the media opportunity to stoke racial anxiety by playing the video with great frequency, of Floyd being pinned to the ground. The video aired four million times, by some estimates, in the weeks following the original incident. 

The facts of the case are fairly typical. The police were called to a scene of a local grocery store where Floyd was allegedly trying to use fake twenty-dollar bills to buy something, probably alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets, maybe gas, who knows. Floyd, if he was indeed high on fentanyl and speed, was probably acting strange, perhaps even aggressive. We know from records released to the media that Floyd refused to allow police to handcuff him, which led to him being held to the ground by force. We have also learned that Floyd was complaining of not being able to breath even before he was being pinned to the ground, while sitting in the police car refusing to be handcuffed.

Reckless regard for human life is a serious offense for a law enforcement officer, and it is truly unfortunate that George Floyd died in this way. The facts seem to bear out that his death could have been avoided. Floyd put himself in this situation by allegedly breaking several laws, which any good defense attorney would present:

1 He was using an two illegal narcotic substances, two felonies

2) He would have had to purchase or otherwise acquire those illegal narcotics, two more felonies

3) He was in possession of fake U.S. currency, which is a felony,

4) Trying to use the fake money to buy purchases, which is also a felony

5) he was essentially stealing, a misdemeanor.

So even before the cops showed up George Floyd had already allegedly committed six felonies and one misdemeanor, this from the same person who had just recently served five years in a Texas state prison where he had plead guilty in an armed-robbery home-invasion of a pregnant mother in Harris County, Texas. 

But in all of the hours CNN and MSNBC will devote to this trial none of the facts presented above will be discussed. The narrative the media will present is one in which a racist cop tortured an innocent African-American male, father of children who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The story the American public will be spoon-fed will be one in which the victim is every Black man and the assailant is systemic racism brought on by a white supremacist nation.

Act two of this movie will be those who exploit the media’s coverage in order to further their agenda of creating more civil unrest via the massive protests which will follow the verdict. They will claim Chauvin got off a murder charge, again proof of a racist country.

Act Three brings us President Harris , who will declare racism must be overturned by Executive Orders with things like reparations, making Critical Race Theory instruction mandatory in schools, developing committees to study and remove racist policies from businesses. America must pay.

Hope you enjoy the movie, because it is just theatre. An illusion. A desired affect because too many people who hate this country want to break down current society and rebuilt it towards a militant, marxist State where the few regulate the many in the name of Justice, inclusivity, tolerance and diversity, the calling card of the Left.

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