No, there is not a rise of Asian hate-crimes in America

Thirty-eight Asians were assaulted last year in the United States for specifically being Asian.

According the Bureau of Crime Prevention, more Blacks on average attack Asians.

In fact, of those six out of ten attacks last year were committed by Blacks, two-percent fellow Asian and two-percent by a whites, or non-minorities.

So while it is great to have the Presidents of the United States “call out Asian American hate crime,” the fact is there isn’t any, at least not to the degree that Biden and Harris would like to suggest.

What is staggering is that over thirty-thousand children a year under the age of 17 in the U.S. end up in prostitution, porn, or in massage parlors. Sometimes all three. Many are in fact from Asia, but most are either American runaways, many of whom turn to prostitution to feed their drug habits, or are from Mexico and are trafficked into the U.S. to provide sex services with money funneled back to Mexican gang networks.

What would be great for the Presidents to do, since we apparently have two of them now, is to call out sex-trafficking and the excesses of pornography. Since both contributed to the horrible murders in Atlanta, and are in fact billion-dollar industries that use live human beings from all races, perhaps this tragedy also deserves a mention. 

Perhaps then real work could be achieved by drawing attention to this plight, instead of creating a fake crisis purely designed to follow the predictable America-is-a-racist-country narrative that the media, and our government leaders love to spew because it makes them looked concerned when they don’t do a damn thing about any of it.

The reporter asks, “do we know if it was a hate crime?”

Aren’t all shootings hate crimes? 

Why is it that when someone dies a racial component has to be necessary for people to care?

Would Joy Reid, or the team at CNN care less if a white person was shot than a person of color? 

If so, who then is the real racist?

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