Memo From a Parent About Sexualizing Our Children

Seeing Time Magazine put a girl-turn-boy trans kid on its cover is revolting.

Merely expressing my discontent is risky these days because I could be branded transphobic. Yet, I know most people agree with me. Maybe even you, a fellow parent.

With the exception of a few demographics of people who welcome gender theory, most adults understand exactly what is happening with the transgender movement. It is sex-trafficking for the medical industry. Some adults want to get children to join in the new cult of sexual obsession, the fetish of self.

Recently from my 13 year-old granddaughter she tells me not to worry about her new guy friend from school because, well, he is gay. He is 12 and gay.

Break down the barriers. This is what LGBTQ has done. It has made it easier to say it’s okay to be gay; it’s okay to be open to being gay, and if you are not gay, it’s okay to be bi, because that means you are okay with other people being gay, or bi, or even being trans.

What is not okay is to be against someone who obsesses about their sexuality.

For the medical community it’s a windfall of profits on two fronts: Mental Health treatment (pharmacological) and physical modification surgery, both of which are hugely profitable.

I know a man now called Suzie. He is a 41 year old male, a former heroin addict and the subject of much child abuse. He witnessed his older sisters being sexually abused as a young child. He is now a girl, he is transitioning. He doesn’t feel he should be a man.

It doesn’t take a Harvard degree in psychology to understand that Suzie is making the wrong choice, and he is 41.

Time Magazine is promoting the idea that kids can decide sex reassignment based on a feeling. Parents of children who endorse trans therapy are also not qualified, they, too are motivated by emotion, they just want their children to stop feeling bad. Time is promoting a lie and they want you to fall in love with the lie. They are putting a pretty girl (who is a young boy) on its cover for the world to see, to prostitute the gender-dysphoria-acceptance ideology.

But to the medical community, shame on you. You have sided on profits instead of ethical common sense, You say yes to anyone who comes to you because it is enormously enriching to your bottom line, especially if a state government or country is willing to foot the bill on the costs.

Suzie should never have been allowed to change sex, if only because her (his) life clearly showed trauma was behind his decision. I suspect within a few years, once the novelty has worn off, Suzie may have other regrets to add to her long life of struggle.

First Do No Harm

Schools now promote gender neutrality, a signal to children that men and women, boys and girls are no longer reliable social constructs. And if you disagree, or your parents disagree, certain government oversight agencies can kick in who could determine a home to be unsafe for child development because it is producing a child who is showing signs of intolerance or bigotry. This is not a prediction. It is now happening in England where children do not need consent to get sex-reassignment surgery.

What Critical Race Theory will do to most caucasians, gender-neutral ideology will do to children: Teach them biology – Science- is irrelevant.

The breakdown of the family continues.

We, parents, must demand from our lawmakers to make it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to have sex reassignment surgery. It is also time to sue medical companies who provide such life changing surgery. It is time to write to your Congressperson, your Senator and your local school principle and tell them gender-neutral is anti-science. Tell them to stop teaching that its okay to sexual children by introducing them to an ideology that is based on a falsehood – that one can choose their own sex.

Any adult or corporation who embraces or adopts this ideology is sexualizing children. If they want to do that to adults, its fair game, but not to our kids. The line must be drawn!

We simply cannot turn our children into sexually-obsessed kids, whom we have become. Moral distinction has been blurred to the point of nonexistence. Mental neuropathy is now considered normal. Instead of treating sexual dysphoria as a sign of emotional illness (or spiritual depravity), we treat it as if it is a skin disease.

Time Magazine should be cancelled permanently for showcasing sexual abuse of children as virtuous. That it would bend its knee to the LGBTQ lobby and promote child sexual abuse under the guise of inclusion is beyond disingenuous, it is a betrayal to everything decent in our society. 

How can anyone disagree? 

Please explain to me what good comes from parading a young girl around as a positive sign of success that our medical industry has convinced her, as it seeks to convince us, that sexual identity is a choice to be made by all, even the young.

First, do no harm is officially dead.

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