The Cultural Coup Is Underway

For a long time there was a part of me that didn’t want to believe our government leaders were as ignorant as President Trump accused them of being. But everything I see Biden doing right now confirms Trump was right. Our government really is run by short-sighted, power-hungry individuals who simply don’t care about America or the American people.

Take the lockdowns, which continue in many parts of the country, destroying businesses and people who own and run them. There are dozens of documented, scientific-based studies which show lockdowns had little or zero effect on containing the virus. In fact, the opposite is true. In countries that had minimal lockdowns, death rates were about the same as States and nations that did have lockdowns.

Florida versus New York, or Texas versus California; Sweden versus the UK, Japan versus South Korea, the stats trend the same: the curves are the same. Leadership told us we were flattening the curve. Leadership was guessing lockdowns would work. They were wrong and we the people are still paying the price.

Take the approach to China. The U.S is headed into new talks with China and you can be assured every Trump Trade Deal is on the table for removal out of Biden spite. Once again our leaders are going to make bad trade deals that hurt American workers.

Trump was right.

With our country’s energy independence Joe has already proven he doesn’t care if his decisions hurt American families, just like he doesn’t care that we pay more at the pump because of energy regulations that restrict our ability to produce energy. 

On the border, President Biden doesn’t care that he and his handlers have created a crisis that will stretch long into the future. Crime-ridden Phoenix, San Diego and and across the I-5 and I-10 corridors are about to be flooded with cheap and very addictive drugs. The cities will be flooded a post-covid world where we all are picking up the pieces to our lives. What better time to introduce cheap heroin and ever-more powerful fentanyl to those poor people throughout the U.S who want to escape from the terrible world created by kind of leadership we have before us today. This is happening right now.

But Biden isn’t finished. Next up:

– allow Military to perform sex-change surgery, something that has no purpose in military preparedness

– raise taxes to cover the 1.9 trillion covid bill that is mostly to reimburse States who were near Bankruptcy before the pandemic. 

– allow CRT to be taught in our schools (it is the racial equivalent to communism), which teaches that caucasians are sinful because there was slavery in the past, and the very country where they live is fundamentally flawed.

Trump had it right, the swamp was drained and the power-hungry Statist-elites (our equivalent to the early Communists in 1921 China) are starting a cultural revolution right before our eyes. Out of revenge or perhaps out of fear this may be their one chance to grab power in perpetuity, there is a coup, a cultural coup before us.

Even the media is on their side.

This cannot turn out well.

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