Biden’s Border Failure Is Only Just Beginning

Just like when President Obama looked the other way during the early stages of the Opioid Crisis, now our current president has created a situation at the southern border where so many drugs are flowing through right now, think of the impact it will have across the State, and indeed, across the country, from the inflow of meth and fentanyl, not to mention cheap black tar heroin and cocaine.

The Sinaloa Cartel makes as much money per year as Apple, probably more. They pretty much run Mexico through corruption and fear. They are ruthless and beyond the law, at least the Mexican Law. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if there is a rush to the border, cartels will be seizing the opportunity.

Let’s put a face on this. What this means is that in a country that already has a drug addiction problem, what will places like LA, San Diego and Phoenix look like in a few years when you have a few hundred thousand addicts roaming the streets? Look to Chicago now and you will see.

How many human beings will fall in the cracks of addiction because it is so cheap and plentiful, and with society becoming harder and harder to make ends meet, how much more vulnerable will our young be to addiction which is being handed out like candy throughout our major metropolitan areas, all fueled by cartels who will soon turn our streets into battlegrounds for territory. 

Crime is up everywhere, and this latest border crisis is already making things much worse. And this from a president, who for pure spite, has undone all of the effort the previous administration accomplished to keep our streets safer, only to be undone by a senile old man who is putting his own countrymen at risk.

When the media elite, who fail to give full consideration and reporting to the actions being done at our border, start to see in their own families the effects of widespread drug addiction (and other crimes) brought about by allowing Cartels full access to the U.S., perhaps then they will realize that their silence contributed to the problem, but then of course, it will be too late.

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