A New Virus Revealed

There is an insidious virus that is overtaking American culture and it’s not Covid.

The virus I am speaking of takes over the thinking process and turns once satisfied people into cultists who have been indoctrinated into believing everything they believe in is based on a lie.

These people have ceased to apply critical thinking in the place of a unified group consciousness where they mutually reinforce each’s others faith in woke, freedom from objective reality. It’s the opposite, it is now subjective reality, hence the phrase, “speak your truth.”

Woke undermines the family structure by attacking it head on and dividing each member of the family into groups; the patriarchal-oppressive father; the victimized mother who abuses the daughter by passing on the oppression; the brother who himself is both oppressor and oppressed; each a victim of the other, each locked into permanent victim status.

But the group to which you belong receives redemption – freedom of self – only by compliance and acknowledgment that all are equally sinful in our nature; all are in need of redemption/salvation from the evil which you were born into by the group.

You see the emotional tail-chasing never ends until you are made to question your own existence as well as your purpose in life, which is to free others with the new ideology that releases all of us from the construct that was made to oppress; only the oppressor remains, and we must now make them the oppressed. 

2+2 does not equal anything, only what you need it to mean. This is the new construct, or as Allen Bloom quipped in his prophetic Closing of the American Mind, “everyone is so open to everything, but closed to anything; there is no one truth, only many truths, and each as valuable as the other.”

This is a new cult that is washing across the minds of our children, first in college, and now in secondary school, and soon, if not already, in primary education.

Children are being taught that if they are white, they are inherently racist and must be freed by confession. Children are being taught that their parents are their enemies without realizing it. Teachers have students keeping journals which they do not disclose to parents, details of what goes on behind close doors so that parents who are problematic can be identified. Schools have been slowly usurping authority from parents under the guise of public safety.

If your child deviates from instruction, no matter how untruthful it is, like that all fossil fuels will kill the planet, if you disbelieve or question it, or your parents tell you otherwise, you will be shamed as “a denier,” as part of the problem. The same is true with CRT, Critical Race Theory, which states that If you deny you are inherently racist, such evidence is proof of the charge.

Children are being taught that America and capitalism was built upon slavery; for three hundred years we were taught that America meant freedom from tyranny. Now this very truth has been replaced by a new belief, that the early settlers were all racists and they have been oppressing people of color and women for hundreds – if not thousands of years. Further, that every institution we have today was built upon this evil foundation, and therefore must be rebuilt. There will be no exceptions.

I want every adult reading these words to wake up and realize our culture has been completely taken over by millions of people who absolutely believe in this ideology, and these people have control over our media through the power of tech and the power of shaming.

I have no idea how we can overcome this cultural coup d etat, but I do know  that an army of people who believe they no longer have any allegiance to the past, and who are now under the control of a political party that wants to control the future, means that America today faces a true enemy from within.

The family unit is broken in America and as the family goes, so does the society.

To illustrate this point, the very word family is now seen as an offensive term because it is not considered inclusive. That tells you everything you need to know about woke, the new virus that has infected the minds of millions of Americans, a virus with no known cure at the present.

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