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One Good Thing About Cracker Jack Joe Biden…

One good thing we will get out of the Biden presidency is a pretty good side-by-side comparison of how to lead a country and how NOT to lead a country.

Historians will look back and be able to determine pretty easily who was the better president, Trump or Biden. Right now all indicators are that Trump wins the comparison hands down, and the Democrats will soon realize just how good the Donald was.

Take for example the current border crisis. It is out of control, but Biden’s people say “it’s the smugglers fault.” Meanwhile, 11,000 people a week are flooding into the U.S and Biden’s peeps have no game plan. None, zilch. Even a recent WH presser ended with a spokeswoman for Biden accidentally saying (in Spanish) “the borders are open!”

Years ago when Trump was busy putting kids in cages and separating suckling infants from their mothers, border crossings, drugs into the country and crime went down mostly. The wall was being built, Trump worked great cooperative deals with Mexico and other Central American governments, and Biden can’t even get his story straight on exactly what he is doing. It’s laughable if anyone thinks Biden has this under control. Even his lap-dog press is having a hard time explaining how Cracker Jack Joe’s policies are working.

The COVID vaccines rollout.

While Joe is busy being not busy and acting like he has everything under control, Operation Warp Speed is still working, and despite the fact that 20 States are now nearly 100% back to normal, Biden’s administration is still telling people to stay in doors, meanwhile paying off leaders from major metros with the 2 trillion dollar COVID relief package, a decision that will result in a massive inflationary period coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Gas is going up, food is going up, taxes will rise, jobs will be scare, poor people are going to have a harder time making ends meet and Uncle Joe is feeling your pain.

At least with Trump there were jobs, people were buying homes and in general, life was better for everyone, including Blacks, Latinos, Asians and women. In less than two months all of that has changed under The Big Guy.

Lastly, but most important, Biden’s Admin is really hyping up the race card and when the jury in Minnesota delivers an acquittal in the George Floyd case and its going to bite them in the ass like a german shepherd in the Oval Office. Why? because the reformed Saint of Counterfeit Twenties, and father of the BLM movement is revealed to have died not from the knee, but from the needle, the fentanyl needle that made him go into cardiac arrest, the media, the White House and racist Black everywhere, not one of them will be able to blame Trump.

Kamala, leader of the system, will have a decision to make when the riots break out: whether to condone mass rage, or back the law enforcement needed to restore order.

I say Kamala because I don’t think Joe will be able to tell you what day it is by the time the jury in Minneapolis reaches a verdict in the late summer when its hot and humid.

That’s a lot to unpack, so I will leave you with this.

History will be kind to Trump because his accomplishments were real, despite being hidden by the new American Pravda. What will be harder to hide is Joe’s immeasurable failures stacking up faster than cigarette butts in an ashtray at an AA meeting.

And the stench will be just as bad.

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