New Study: Why Being Offended Is Dangerous To Your Health

(This is a fictional story based on actual science fron Johns Hopkins University)

Why Offending People Causes Pain

New research recently published now shows the actual physical effects on the brain that occurs when someone gets offended. 

Some argue that being offended doesn’t really mean getting hurt because it is emotional pain, and thus not as relevant as say, getting hit in the head with a hammer, or stubbing your toe. 

According to recent research which looks at synapsis and the six functional responses in each of the five lobes of the brain, Neuroscience is revealing the loci in the brain of our emotional faculties, and the neural pathways linking emotion to the “intellectual” functions of the mind. Emotion is intimately linked to cognition, and to the maintenance of the health of our brain cells as well as our body’s immune system.

In other words, when a person is taught to not like something, and then through the occipital lobe they see the image, or hear it through the auditory process, a chain reaction occurs where blood pressure is increased on the frontal lobe signaling danger. 

Another aspect to getting emotionally harmed is Memory as a partner in developing all other mental skills. The key to learning is the brain’s ability to convert a current experience into code and store it so, later, the experience can be recalled for your benefit. The brain codes some kinds of inputs from the senses permanently with no conscious effort on your part. It can also store other kinds of data because you consciously pass that data through a rehearsal loop repeatedly.

This is best illustrated by repeatedly being exposed to propaganda which triggers a signal emotional response, again, in the frontal lobe that increases blood pressure, causing the subject to seek escape, a primordial instinct which probably finds its derivation in our ancestral heritage.

So it literally is true that if a person is taught to hate a republican, then seeing a republican can actually induce fear. By the same token, if a black person is raised to believe to fear or disdain white people, black children will always have an negative emotional response when seeing or dealing with caucasians. 

Many who understand this process are now employed by most of the major news media and use these practices to manipulate viewers into panic for political reasons. Of course in psychiatric terms, we call this being woke, which is to say you have been taught a pre-determined idea, that when challenged, leads to physical pain.

And this is why young people are so easily manipulated.

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