The Fall of Man

I am an optimist. I believe eventually the outcomes are beneficent and intended. In Gods’ eye’s all things work best for the most number of people, and when they don’t, that is when imbalance occurs.

Take for example humanity in the 21st Century. A virus was unleashed that has killed 2.6 million people over 15 months. The untold number of people who will die from poverty this year because of unnecessary shutdowns is expected to be in the tens of millions. Bad behavior caused all of this.

The good news is that coronavirus whipped the medical industry into place and through a conjoined effort several vaccines to treat COVID were developed in record time. This may come handy in the future when a more severe virus is unleashed by a totalitarian nation in the future, which we know is not only possible, but likely.

Coronavirus aside, the other major problem in our world is terrible leadership. The U.S is under the direction of a senile and ineffective politicians, surrounded by greedy and power-hungry lawyers who seem to think the world is theirs, and who continue to promote agendas that actually work against humanity. To this end deception has become the norm. Feigned activism over climate change to social justice retribution are just the latest virtues being crammed down our throats as the barbarians scale the walls of civilization, seeking to dismantle it brick by brick.

Meanwhile addicted humans continue to call upon the great cartels of the earth asking for more drugs, not less, and the porn industry is driving huge profits in the human trafficking industry, not to mention you have one world power who wants to spy on everyone because it thinks in twenty years it will be in control of everything as America continues her steep moral and economic decline.

If you were God, what would you do? Start over? Let the project unwind, let the people live with their mistakes? As a merciful and loving parent, how would you handle it if it were your children doing all of these things? 

Let’s assume there is no God and that it simply is what it is and humanity will survive to see another day, just as we have done for over a million years. In either scenario the outcome appears the same: we will eventually reap what we sow, as we are doing now.

Whether it is poverty, famine, bad leadership, or whatever, hundreds of millions of people will die or will live miserably because the wrong things motivate people. Not until we are motivated by service, love and compassion will leadership lead to a more enlightened path; not until our families and our institutions promote true and moral leadership – all of which starts in the home – will things improve for the common human. Everything starts in the home. If man can save the home we can save humanity.

It really is that simple.

Tick Tock. The fall of man is nigh, his lessons unlearned. Humanity must start anew as it has always been.

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