Our Glorious Leader Speaks

Let’s face it. Most Americans will watch Biden’s first press conference just to see how much he mucks it up. The fact is no other president has ever waited this long to address the American people since being elected, and we all know why.

The media won’t call it out, but everyone who has been watching knows it is true: Joe Biden is losing his marbles. He stumbles, gaffs, forgets, wanders, doesn’t know where he is, and now we hear VP Harris is the one talking to world leaders because Uncle Joe is indisposed. I mean can it be any more plain: Our president is ill, he is losing his capacity, and he is the most powerful leader on the planet.

It is a travesty that many in the Democrat party knew Joe was deteriorating even before election day, but they tried to downplay it just long enough to get him in the White House, and now that they have him, the country is theirs. This much we know is true.

But how much will these Biden protectors be willing to sacrifice in the name of maintaining power? Do they really want the leader of the free world to be a frail, incapacitated, feeble-minded person who probably will not remember who is is by years end?

I’m not mocking Joe, I am pointing out how irresponsible it was, and especially how unfair it has been, to wheel Joe out knowing his time would be short. It embarrasses us, it makes America look weak, and it most certainly embarrasses Joe. 

And so the best you can do is keep him protected by limiting his appearances and keeping him from speaking longer than 20 minutes, reading a teleprompter and making sure he doesn’t go off topic, with power-chords ready to be pulled on a seconds notice.

Meanwhile our adversaries are even now watching and waiting, ready to move, ready to take advantage of weak U.S. leadership. Infiltrating us here at home, ready to strike abroad.

Xi can hardly contain his jubilance.

Susan Rice, like Bob McNamara and others who have misguided their presidents into unending battle, is ready to take over, and who probably already has, which would explain why 10,000 U.S. troops have suddenly moved in to Iraq, ready to start plundering America’s finest, young men and now women, who fight and feed the glorious American military-industrial beast. 

Alas, all things old are becoming new again. America now has his Caligula, the only thing missing is the horse.

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