Who Does Chuck Blow Think He Is?

Today’s woke cancel culture, spearheaded by thought- influencers like Charles Blow at the New York Times, reminds me of the 16th century Puritans, or worse, the CCP network of netizens who act as societies’ hall monitors of acceptable social behavior.

All act as morality enforcement officers, there to cast judgement on anyone who does anything that causes emotional harm to anyone else.

And it isn’t just the act of today that can get you canceled, or even of yesterday, it’s what you wrote or created last year, last decade, or even last century.

Twain books being banned, Dr. Seuss, everything is suspect and idiots who support this movement should be canceled. Like Chuck Blow of the New York Times, who is charging that cartoon characters are now racists and therefore must be removed. Blow is calling for censorship. A graphics artist, turned opinion writer, is condemning the work of another graphic artist, namely the artists who created these cartoon characters. Does Chuck Blow really believe Pepe lePew was intended to promote rape? or that Speedy Gonzalez was created by a racist cartoonist?

How can a writer who works in a free country and is protected by the first amendment advocate for restricting free speech? Does this person not realize he is sowing the seeds to the destruction of his own profession?

Does Mr. Blow understand where this leads if it is allowed to continue? 

Who the hell does Mr. Blow think he is to write in the nations ‘paper of record,’ advocating for censorship? Is this the brilliant mind of a progressive writer, or the tormented and twisted ideas of an immature little boy with a chip on his shoulder because never got the acknowledgment he needed growing up to satisfy is own sad sense of self; that he hates his own skin and where he came from, and therefore inflicts this pain and projects it upon the subjective ‘others’ who must now bow down before his contorted sense of superiority. 

I say you are a fool because you are blinded to love your fellow man, instead, only looking to see only his failings.

You are embarrassing to your profession; you are making excuses for your own shortcomings, sadly, to the level of using a children’s cartoons in order to validate your own pitiful sense of being.

You are a blacksploitation artist, using your race to foist your sordid, narrow opinions upon the world from your high-brow morality perch.

People like you are what we call debbie-downers, the one person in the crowd who has to politicize every little thing because you are obsessed with self, fixated on your own reflection and wondering why no one else share’s in your obsession with it.

If this were China then you would be disappeared. Thankfully, you live in a free country, free as long as people like you stay away from power.

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