The Real Enemy of Black America

Over the weekend I watched a documentary on the Gulf of Tonkin event which more or less took us into the Vietnam War.

Robert McNamara was President Lyndon B. Johnsons’ Secretary of Defense. These two gentlemen conspired to draw the U.S. into a full- out war that cost over 50,000 American lives, untold hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese also perished in this 11-year battle. The scars are still fresh. Many homeless that live in our streets today served their country then and paid a heavy price for doing so.

What is clear since we have had information released through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) is that there never was a provocation of the North Vietnamese towards U.S. Navy ships “trolling the area.” U.S. military and the CIA were actively engaged in tearing down what was an emerging communist regime in North Vietnam, and this so-called provoked attack was all Johnson needed to start a war, which he did.

President Johnson lied to the American people then, even the press supported Johnson through newsreels that updated Americans on what the DoD wanted the Americans to believe, just as today’s media supports Biden and everything he says (in case you don’t know Biden just authorized the sending of 10,000 troops to Syria – did you know that?).

It’s a big deal when a U.S president lies, but in this case that lie still reverberates today in our society; we are still feeling the impact of the deception that came from highest level of our government.

Think about this for a moment. The U.S. declares a war on false pretenses, hundreds of thousands of young men between 18-25 are sent off to a war they will fight for over a decade, many coming home dead, but many more coming home with PTSD, physical wounds and also hated by their countrymen.

But what is often overlooked is what this did to black men during a time when they were just starting to imagine a better life for most young. After all, Johnson had just passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which basically made discrimination unlawful, but then turned around and drafted unemployed black men to go serve in Vietnam. This gutted any potential black America would have for the next 30 years. 

I don’t have all the facts and figures but I do know that I met a lot of African American men growing up who were vets, and when these men came back, it was enough to go through the horrors of the jungle, but what was perhaps equally horrific was how our country treated these soldiers upon their return. Many didn’t want these men back, and many were left destitute and broke by the very government that took their potential for a good life away to fight a bullshit war.

We, the US Government, based on a lie, destroyed any chance a true family-centered black community could form in the 1960’s and 70’s because our young black men were being shipped off to an illegitimate war, one of the deadliest of all time. And all of this from a man who famously uttered this phrase after signing into Law the 1964 Civil Rights Act, “with this legislation we have those n*****ers voting Democrat for the next hundred years.”

And this is what Democrats do. 

Nothing has changed. 

So to all of you activists who think the DNC has your back, the whole reason you have to protest today against “sytemic racism,” in the first place is because of the actions top Democrats have taken in the last two or three generations. Nothing has changed

They pay for you, actually encourage your young mothers to have abortions.

They paid for your college and then indoctrinate you into believing in socialism – which gives them more power over your life.

They get you dependent on low-wage welfare, with only enough food to allow you to stuff yourself and the kids you did have, with McDonalds Happy meals, and then when you get obese and suffer from diabetes, you struggle to get decent healthcare because the same government that wants to help you, is flooding the market with non-citizens who then make labor hard to find.

And now they tease you with stimulus checks intended to get you to vote for them.

Then they tell you that they will protect you from the white people who hate you.

This is the message the establishment wants you to hear. You, the black person, have been oppressed. But if you just pull back the mask of these people, these so-called leaders, you will discover that it is they who are the oppressors, people like Shelia Jackson-Lee, and Maxine Waters, the late Congressman Elijah Cummings from Baltimore, and the current Attorney General of Minnesota Keith Ellison, these are the real oppressors, the ones who sit in the ivory towers of government, drinking their bottled water, having their fine dinners and being driven to their well-protected homes by their big black cars that whizz by while they look down on you behind those tainted glass windows so you can’t see them.

The decrepit black leaders are the pigs you see in the Farmer’s house standing on their two-hind legs telling themselves some Black lives matter more than others.

Run from the Democrats. They are not your friends, or as Joy Reid, perhaps the greatest racist in the country, and one who would love to start a race war, famously said, “they be skin folk, but they ain’t kin folk.”

No. To the black person today, let me now tell you who is your kin folk.

They are us, fellow white people, Italians, Irish, Germans, French, the Spanish, and yes, the Black American who’s ancestor’s had a hand in building this country. Those Americans who have contributed to building our country up – your country – these are your real kin folk, not the government, or special agencies who keep you addicted to government programs that will never give you enough to really prosper, only enough to keep you complaining for more so that they will give it to you – for a price, the price of your continued compliance.

One comment

  1. LBJ: “with this legislation, we have those n*****ers voting Democrat for the next hundred years.”
    He was a racist!
    But he didn’t force them to vote Democrat!
    Blacks in America refuse to listen to people like Professor Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder and Tommy Sotomayor!
    Because they tell Black Americans what they need to hear and not what they want to hear!
    Parasites like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson tell Black Americans what they want to hear, but don’t tell them the truth!


    Last Modified: May 6, 2012
    Imagine Soldier Field beyond capacity, brimming with 63,879 young African-American men, ages 18 to 24 — more than U.S. losses in the entire Vietnam conflict. Imagine the University of Michigan’s football stadium — the largest in the U.S. — filled to its limit of 109,901 with black men, age 25 and older. Now add 28,223 more — together totaling more than U.S. deaths in World War I.

    Picture two UIC Pavilions packed with 12,658 Trayvon Martins — black boys, ages 14 to 17 — nearly twice the number of U.S. lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now picture all of them dead. The national tally of black males 14 and older murdered in America from 1976 through 2005, according to U.S. Bureau of Justice statistics: 214,661. The numbers tell only part of the story of this largely urban war, where the victims bear an uncanny resemblance to their killers. A war of brother against brother, filled with wanton and automatic gunfire, even in the light of day, on neighborhood streets, where little boys make mud pies, schoolgirls jump rope, where the innocent are caught in the crossfire, where the spirit of murder blows like the wind. It is, so far, a ceaseless war in which guns are often the weapon of choice, and the finger on the trigger of the gun pointed at a black male is most often another black male’s.

    The numbers alone are enough to make me cry — to wonder why — we as African Americans will march en masse over one slain by someone who is not black, and yet sit silent over the hundreds of thousands of us obliterated from this mortal world by someone black like us, like me. It is a numbing truth borne out by hard facts: From 1980 through 2008, 93% of black victims were killed by blacks. Translation: For every Trayvon Martin killed by someone not black, nine other blacks were murdered by someone black.

    In 2005, — blacks — accounted for 13% of the U.S. population but 49% of all homicides. The numbers are staggering, the loss incomprehensible. Add to the tally of black males 14 and older slain across the country from 1976 to 2005, another 29,335 (slain from 2006 to 2010), and their national body count rises to 243,996, representing 82% of all black homicides for that 35-year period. What also becomes clear is this: We too often have raised killers. And this war is claiming our sons. But that’s still not the end of the story. Add to that number 51,892 black females ages 14 and older, plus five whose gender was not identifiable, and the total, not counting children, is 295,893 — more than the combined U.S. losses of World War I, the Vietnam, Korean and Mexican-American wars, the War of 1812 and the American Revolutionary War.

    Is the blood of these sons and daughters somehow less American? Two hundred ninety-five thousand eight hundred ninety-three . . . Imagine the United Center, Wrigley Field, U.S. Cellular Field and Soldier Field nearly all filled simultaneously with black boys, girls, men and women. Now imagine that twice over. Now imagine them all dead. As far as I can see, that’s at least 295,893 reasons to cry. And it is cause enough for reticent churches, for communities, for lackadaisical leaders, for all people — no matter our race, color or creed — to find the collective will and the moral resolve to stamp out this human rights atrocity occurring right under our noses. Just imagine the human carnage and the toll to us all if we don’t.
    I can’t. I won’t.


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