Why Trumpism is more important than Trump

Trumpism means America First. It means that our leaders serve us, not global partners where the taxpayer see’s his money going out of his country to help increase globalist goals.

The Paris Accord is a perfect example of this 500-million dollar a year contribution put into a general fund that get’s distributed to countless agencies who do research on climate change, but who are not accountable for results. All subsidized by the generous, but ignorant, U.S. taxpayer.

One of Trump’s greatest achievements was to end this waste. 500 million dollars a year is human capital being squandered, redistributed to agencies who glady welcome free money to pursue pet projects that do no nothing to improve human life.

Trumpism is also Liberty, the freedom to not be cancelled because of our race or our heritage.

Trumpism is small government, not big, fat, wasteful and ineffective government, which is what the swamp is: wasteful and ineffective, almost criminally negligent leadership.

Trumpism is the belief that conservative principles are best for society because they protect everyone from special interest groups who want to take what you have and give it to someone else without your consent.

Trumpism is the belief that government becomes the enemy of the people when it sells out Americans to other foreign interests. This can be done in trade deals as well as involvement in foreign wars. When our nation’s riches are exploited for political gain, Americans suffer. 

Trump is smart for accomplishing so much, but his character overshadowed his accomplishments. I can love Trumps policies, but I have no interest in defending his petty tweets, or the petty tweets from people who hate him. 

I believe Trump showed us what America First really means, and it worked. We saw it with our own eyes. Trump also revealed the ugliness of the Left.

If a Ron DeSantis, or a Rick Scott could be president, if they just adopted Trump’s policies and had the testicular fortitude to take on world leaders who like to rape our countries wealth, then we have a shot of fixing the damage President Biden is inflicting upon our country at the present.


Trumpism is simply America First. Trump showed us we can all do when we have the right priorities, and when America succeeds the world is better for it.

Liberty, prosperity, free will and an open exchange of ideas, these foundational principles are what has sustained this country for over 230 years. These principles didn’t come from Trump, but he reminded us how important they were.

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