Be Careful What You Wish For – Why A One Party System Will Destroy The US

There are some very eery similarities between what is happening now with the Democratic party today, compared to what happened in the 1920’s with the emergence of the Communist party in China.

In both cases, one party is seeking to completely dominate the entire country through force and through legislation; through the control of speech and through mob-intimidation; and it becomes more apparent every day who is on the wrong side of history in today’s America.

If you are a Democrat, you should be equally concerned with what is happening in your party, especially if it continues to shift leftward.

  1. The DNC is destroying the middle and lower class by allowing literally millions of people, actually encouraging mass immigration, of low-skilled workers (as well as welfare dependence) into our country

2. They want to legitimize mail-in voting that would allow massive fraud, not unlike we saw in the 2020 elections where ballots suddenly appeared out of nowhere two to three days after the election, throwing the presidency towards Biden, who never once drew a crowd of more than a few hundred people to any rally, and who, despite what the media won’t tell you, is clearly compromised by the Communist Party of China.

3. The DNC staged the January 6th riot – or at least allowed it to happen, in much the same way the CCP allowed the virus to happen, in order to create a situation where they could enact new draconian laws which allow them to suppress or arrest anyone who protests against wearing masks, using certain phrases, or restricts travel. While at the same time these leaders promoted violent activism across American cities, calling it legitimate.

4. The DNC is purposely, without merit, keeping children from learning under the guise of safety when the science simply doesn’t validate the lockdowns. It’s almost as if they want yougn people to become handicapped with a learnign deficit so they will be more dependent on government assistance when they grow older.

5. They are voting to move two-trillion dollars from the Federal Treasury so that they can use the money for pet projects that do nothing to make America stronger economically. These actions actually weakens to dollar abroad

6. New regulations through executive order are driving up fuel and food prices, forcing more people into poverty. This new democratic administration is literally punishing people who are just trying to make ends meet.

7. Those who speak out against woke ideology are considered potential terrorists.

8. Those who love liberty and freedom (or free markets and capitalism) are considered dangerous.

9. Those who comply with the State are rewarded, while those who question or fail to comply, are shamed by the media and by political leaders. IN some cases banks refuse to do business with people who support American exceptionalism.

Meanwhile, the cancel culture supported by progressive policies embraced by many democrat) is destroying, or wants to destroy every vestige of America heritage and our “whiteness,” because it is now deemed hateful.

Young people are pushing this movement forward with the signaling of the America media, an industry filled with progressive idealists who have been trained to be activists.

The country seems to be pushing towards a communist-style governance, one party, one rule, and eliminate or criminalize dissent.

A few years ago I attended a convention of news reporters and editors held in New Orleans. Half of the five-thousand or so attendees where up and coming television reporters; the other half were editors.

Almost everyone was under 30 years of age.

Many of the sessions being held had to do with making the story better, using new editing tools, or new software. There were some awards handed out to major radio or television stations and news papers. This was just before newspapers began their steep decline as Internet news began its steep ascent.

Several of the major sessions had to do wth activism, “using your voice” to create social change. I was caught off guard at some of the sessions. They almost seemed like training sessions for people who want to use media to start a revolution.

“Help the afflicted, afflict the powerful” was the title of one session. Other sessions included how to use journalism to highlight racism, or expose gender-oppression. In other words, create a narrative and then go get the facts to back you up. That’s like saying burn the house and then report the fire.

Today, I look back and realize I was standing in the middle of army of future activist progressive foot soldiers in training, the same people who are the new Twitter army, the army of the Left. The new social justice warrior loc ked and loaded with a keyboard and a smartphone.

Earlier this year the CCP in China began requiring anyone who writes a blog to undergo media training in order to get credentialed. If you publish and you aren’t credentialsed you will be arrested for spreading misinformation. 

Can you see that coming in America? I can.

In Xi’s China the press, the media, the Internet, all of it serves one purpose: to serve the State, to make the Party look good, and in this way, preserve stability, stability at all costs. That is what journalists are taught in Communist China. Failure to comply means you are disappeared, or worse, stripped of access as a netizen. We are only a few years from this being the way it is here.

Back to the Democrats for one more quick point.

If they succeed in making Washington and Puerto Rico the 51st and 52nd State, then they will most likely have permanent party leadership. We will have a perpetual Democratic President, House and Senate majority, and most likely, a Democratically-controlled Supreme Court. All three branches will be run by Democratic leadership. Add in pasage of HR 1 The Peoples’a Act and you will have corrupted elections forever.

Can you now see how Communism took over China? It started with what we are seeing today, a small group of people who are using the press and th egovernment to silence anyone who doesn’t comply with groupthink.

Can you now see how we are dangerously close to being controlled by one party in this country, the same party that has kept you locked down, destroyed the nation’s economy, spent years delegitimizing a president who actually provided jobs, wealth and security to our nation for four years – despite being harassed constantly by a press and a media that hated him with rage. Trump is gone and we are now left with a political party that will stop at nothing to make sure Republicans like Trump never have control again.

Even if you are a Democrat can you not see the danger of one party, the party of extreme surveillance, control, lockdown and now censorship, forever being in charge of our country?

If you are LGBTQ you will be happy because you will have a party who loves you, until you no longer serve their purpose. If they have complete control, then you are no longer required. If you speak out against them you will be silenced.

That’s how it started in China in 1921, and it only took 19 years since the first revolution became total government control over every aspect of your life. It’s already happening.

In China, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, and other totalitarian countries, people at first thought good change would come, but then starvation came, then came strict laws and censorship. It always ends up this way. Always. 

Never forget that.

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