The American Patriot – The New Enemy of The State

The New Lie: White Supremacy

There may very well be several, or even hundred of small clusters of people who hate Black people. There also may be hundreds, even thousands of America-loving people who hate the way our country is headed, and because they are deeply patriotic, they are called white nationalists. In both cases, the media has determined that they are the same, and therefore, we need to fear them.

It is equally true that there are even larger groups of people of color who hate this country and protest it every single day, burning down businesses and physically assaulting those who don’t raise a fist in support of their racism towards Americans. 

But these people are not to be feared because they are victims of white suppression. Don’t you know?

Congress sure does.

Across all the mainstream networks there was “breaking news” that the FBI had received “unconfirmed” reports that some of these “extremists groups,” might be planning an invasion of Washington, and that congressional leaders were not going to show today for fear of an attack. 

In every report there was no clear name, or even a number of just how many people might be involved in such a plot. Only that Congress took it seriously and that the National Guard, who have had nothing to do since January 7th, were on “high alert.”

ABC’s David Muir, in his usual urgent-at-all-costs manner, cited the possible link to QAnon, who believed Trump would try to take over the White House. That sounds credible?

Or maybe it was just a tweet.

What the networks aired last night was pure, 100% propaganda meant to instill fear by creating a new bogeyman. The White Nationalist who doesn’t believe America is a racist country.

We are being told there is an army of these animals, hidden and waiting to launch an attack on people of color everywhere. 

Also, these people who love their country and don’t like overly-paternalistic government are being labeled extremists. People who do not like globalism are being compared to Nazi sympathizers, as if feeling patriotic  is the same as waiving your hand and saying ‘Heil Hitler!” 

Sorry, but this is not Germany, this is America, and America is something to be proud of.

Those who do not like America, or have misgivings about our past, or who feel that America is nothing more than a slobbering drunk tyrannical government who needs to take its place, are the ones creating the fear.

There are no major white supremacy groups, outside of places like northern Idaho, perhaps? or some rural town in Alabama? Maybe. I never run into anyone, I don’t receive emails or calls from any of these so-called fringe groups. The last time I heard of a white supremacy group was in the 70’s when Metzger Evans was being followed around by like twenty-people in Fallbrook, California.

Like I said, there are racists, but there is not an army of racists I have seen ever being reported except by an hysterical news industry who took an anonymous FBI source memo about a so-called fringe group saying (probably in a tweet) that they want to “take back America.” 

And for this Congress uses the mainstream media to spread a lie that white supremacy extremists are planning on starting a civil war.

Gone is the Al-Qaeada terrorist, or the ISIS lone-wolf, which were actually real threats, but now no longer thanks to a past administration. 

In its place, the white supremacist aka nationalist, ready to inflict racist violence in every city, a fabrication by the current administration to make sure that when the virus finally goes away, we maintain our fear of the new bogeyman, the American Patriot.

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