Why They Lie

Why They Lie – An Introduction to our Essay Series

I am writing this essay series because I am tired of watching people I love and care about being lied to every single day by the people they trust.

The lies are so blatant I might even consider it intellectual abuse. Telling young kids, for example, that they are inherently racist is child abuse.

Think about it. If you are the kind of parent who tells his or hers child that they are bad, unworthy, evil or sinful, how do you think that child will behave as they grow older? How do you think their self-worth will evolve if you continually tell them they are bad and they just can’t help it?

The truth is there are parents who do this and it is considered child abuse, emotional abuse. And yet right now there are thousands of teachers across the nation who willingly teach that young children are inherently racist and they can’t help it. That they must be cured of their whiteness, their privilege, while simultaneously telling another group of kids that they are victims of the ones who are racist. What a horrific setup for future racial division.

How do you think children will view themselves as they grow? Do you think such children, being taught to feel guilty about actions they have never committed (or experienced), will grow up with a healthy self-esteem?

Or do you think these ideas will create dysfunction, unending guilt, or worse, sociopathic behavior, and make it impossible for these people to form normal, healthy relationships with one-another?

Or perhaps they will become the very thing you accuse them of, they will become racists because they were taught it was “built into their DNA,” as former President Barack Obama said to a national audience on 60 Minutes .

With Critical Race Theory (CRT) now being taught from K-12 and in college, the ideology that asserts Western civilization was built upon oppression of people of color or of gender, is an abhorrent lie of the highest magnitude, now being promulgated to a whole generation of young, being inculcated with a lie which asserts that all people of non-color, are by their nature, oppressive and inherently bigoted, and must repent in order to be cured, or are unworthy to participate within the new social construct. 

Our own former Director of the CIA, said even he feels guilty about his “whiteness.” Could you ever imagine Colin Powell uttering the same nonsense?

It’s all many people think about, and all things are now being viewed through the lens of victimhood of gender, race or class. The lie is that we are each victims of a patriarchal society, forgetting of course 100,000 years of social development.

I began to observe in the late 1970’s and 1980’s that television comedies systematically portrayed fathers as being stupid, and black people as being jive. Women were portrayed as liberated and strong, yet men took a secondary role. I believe this wasn’t by design, but rather, echoed a progressive ideology that permeated Hollywood during this age.  Bill Cosby may have been the last “father figure” we looked up to on TV.

Today, females are displayed as superheroes and chief decision makers in the home. Nothing wrong with this of course, except it is to the exclusion of men being portrayed being decision makers. Children today on television are portrayed as being smarter than adults, even wise. And everywhere activism reigns in the messaging of virtue causes, climate change, gender and race oppression, class struggle, bad capitalism.

I have often shown my disdain for most mainstream media in my writings. I have written dozens of essays about how traditional media has been hijacked by the political left. This is no secret. But in this series I want to explore how often the media is being used today to promote deception on a grand scale, a scale we should all be concerned with.  

It is Xi Jinpings dream-come-true, the whole world is becoming just like China: a small ruling elite governing, sometimes through force, but mostly through mistruths and segregation.  This where we are headed, and today’s propaganda, the selling of lies, will get us there if we do not open our eyes and see the deception being pushed on us by those we trust.

I realize my efforts may be futile. I may actually already be too late. Or perhaps you already instinctively know what I am about to state is true.

What we are witnessing today on a grand scale is similar to the classic movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers, except it isn’t our bodies being snatched, it is our minds and our ability to critically evaluate information that is being fed to us continually in order to have us comply.

The goal is compliance and compliance only comes if you trust those who are in charge. It is also easier to comply, especially if you are a kind of person who likes to be left alone. It is why many people where the mask against covid. The mask is the perfect symbol of compliance. Many of my closest friends are like that, they just want to be left alone, so they comply. And this is why we find it easier to accept whatever the system is feeding us. It is easier to “trust the experts,” because if they are wrong we are not to blame, even if it costs us our children, our careers and in some cases, even our lives.

Compliance is also driven by our desire to believe the system works, and it does when it is based on integrity and transparency.

As an obvious example, when China withheld information about the Wuhan-originated virus it made it impossible to contain the virus. This is a perfect example of why the LIE is so dangerous.

This isn’t going to be a political book, it has to be about much more important things, like the quality of living and being able to trust that what you are being told is honest. It is the right way for a society to be. 

Massive deception in the public square is not a new phenomena. Modern people didn’t invent deception, but we sure have perfected it. Corrupt governments and leaders have harnessed propaganda like a well-sharpened sword. Think of Goebells, Hitler’s chief propagandists, who famously stated that “if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.”

And this is how some Western governments now want things to be, under the auspices of “protecting you.” An example of this was illustrated when we were informed California Governor Gavin Newsom and New York Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo withheld Covid death information for fear “it would “send the wrong message” and people would no longer be complaint if they saw death numbers dropping.

Today we all enjoy less and less freedom, and are still required to play by ever-increasing stringent rules. Stay in your lane.  Wear your mask. Be safe by following the rules.

The seeds of deception necessitates its own demise; a house built on a cracked foundation cannot endure, and a moral country cannot exist when deception replaces the golden rule of common-behavior. The Lie of leadership is the withholding of information so that we the people are no longer about to decide for ourselves the best course of action in any situation.

Why They Lie is a serial essay which will be published in parts. Part 1 The COVID LIE debuts next Monday, March 8, 2021 and will also be part of the Podcast series.

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