Can We Please Have Normal?

Lately I have been watching old TV shows like Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie and The Brady Bunch.

I have grown to dislike most of what is on cable these days, and I have no interest watching Wokeflix.

Even the Weather Channel has gone woke with its reminder about climate justice.

I hate most of the news, today’s comedies are wretched, and dramas are so poorly written I can hardly stand them. House was probably the last time I enjoyed drama, but how many times can you watch Gregory House insult his staff?

Today the woke-tards would have cancelled House for being a patriarchal oppressive white supremacy misogynist, or whatever…

As I enjoyed my brief visit to the past I realized a few important things about old TV from the 60’s:

The acting was was mostly pretty damn good.

The dialogue was mostly pretty damned good.

Most of those shows strived to offer a moral message that it’s good to be decent.

Those actors were like family to me. They gave me escape from the adult world which was full of insanity then, as it still is today.

I wish I could twitch my nose and make things right, or blink my eyes and have all of the bad people go away, or have Alice make me a pie to make me feel better, or have Skipper give me a “ole buddy” jab to let me know everything is okay and it’s not so bad being stranded on a remote island (with Ginger!).

Today you don’t escape when you turn on TV, you get more of what you want to escape from, Black women having it their way on horses in Manhattan, Dr. Suess being called a racist, a senile president who is allowing the hordes to enter from the south, and a vice president who looks eerily like she has holding the president hostage. Add to this is I am not sure if that hot actress on TV is really a dude. Wow!

I sure miss watching Peter play ball in the house, even though he was warned.

That was simple – and normal. Can we have more of that please?

Over the new few weeks I will be offering a preview of my forthcoming book Why They Lie.

Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, where is that remote? I think Welcome Back Kotter is about to come on TV. See you soon.

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