The Robot Dog Police Force Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

How many digital dogs with it take to control an average sized population? If you have ever seen that creepy episode of Black Screen you know that it doesn’t take many. A few is all it takes to control a small town, an army of 100 could control a city of 100,000.

The New York Police Department now has a robot dog to help fight crime. You have seen them, those cute robotic animals created by MIT in Boston. They can jump, flip, roll over, unlock doors, jump rope, climb walls and even wag its tail.

Here is what else they can do. The can scan your face and get your entire life in seconds to determine who you are and how dangerous you are to them. 

The dog can also communicate with other dogs and can provide surveillance you wouldn’t believe. Their eyes scan see infrared, so they can sense your body temperature and your heart rate. You can’t shoot them because they are made of a steel alloy that bounces off bullets. Fido can not only sense your fear, but he can outrun you and also taser you if you try to escape. 

The new robot dogs will very quickly replace human police. It is inevitable that digital dogs, who require no breaks (except to recharge their batteries), no vacation, and no salary, except for the cost to purchase one, which costs about 50,000 per unit. That’s half of an annual salary of a beat cop, factoring in health insurance and pension contributions.

You will start to see these animals appearing on street corners and running by you to get to the scene of the crime.

How many of these robotic human trackers do you think you need per 100,000 people? 25, 50, 100? 

Gone are SWAT teams rolling in and helicopters buzzing over head. With cameras everywhere and FUSION interconnectivity, these dogs are more like four-legged Borg plugged into a beehive collective than your typical four-legged barker. These dogs are stealth. You don’t see them coming and you don’t know how many are nearby.

They also have no emotion so you can’t plea with them.

AOC is actually right. The fact that they are trying Spot out in low-income neighborhoods in New York portend to a future where this will be standard. Gone with the Men in blue, replaced instead by DigiDogs in black, supped -up dobermans who are both indestructible and quite effective at hunting humans like you down.

Welcome to the future. 

I can tell you right now China is salivating as much as pavlovs dog over this new tech. Meanwhile, us stupid humans on the sidelines will marvel over it until we realize that it is we who will be hunted if we get out of line.

Down, boy

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