Democrats in Congress Seek to Control Free Speech

Let me tell you how to deal with misinformation on Talk Radio. The answer is you don’t.

Broadcasters in the radio industry are very good at keeping fraudsters, liars and fear monger’s off the air. It’s an amazing thing. Meritocracy works on radio. NAB Gordon Smith spoke to this concern this week before Congress. Unlike other forms of media, radio people actually do monitor themselves, and we always protect our credibility, and when we don’t, when certain hosts break the rules, my experience has been after 35 years in radio, is that they are gone, and we don’t need help from a government oversight committee to monitor or inhibit speech in order to protect human beings from “extremist.” 

NAB President Gordon Smith said it best: “As lawmakers explore this issue, they should be mindful of the vital role radio and television broadcasters play in our communities by exposing lies, uncovering the truth and reporting the facts,” wrote Smith. He pointed out that surveys show local radio and TV stations, and broadcast networks, are Americans’ most-trusted source for news. “Trustworthiness and an adherence to the truth have been the calling cards of our industry,” said Smith.

But when you have Congressional department chairs saying right wing talk is dangerous, or extreme – and this is coming mostly from left-leaning media outlets, you have to be honest in asking who exactly is spreading mis, or disinformation.?

These kinds of words only lead in one direction and we all know what direction that is: government censorship

Talk Radio remains one of only a few available sources of instant information and 99% of the time it excels like no other medium in providing facts and much-needed information. In fact, the airwaves are already controlled by extremism, leftist extremism. Without talk radio we would have never heard the Hunter Biden’s connections with the CCP, or Joe Biden’s for that matter, or we would not have heard about ballot harvesting and mis-counts that skewed the election; we never would have heard about the BIG TECH effort to sway the election away from Trump. It was the Left wing media (as frontmen for the DNC) that pushed mail-in voting which made our election vulnerable to fraud.

What about these examples of misinformation? Or the misinformation that the previous President colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election?

When the pandemic first hit the U.S., it was the misinformed media that failed to do its homework and failed to accurately convey information that would have led to more sound policy. 

Instead, and because of a sordid desire to get ratings at all costs, major news media sensationalized and politicized the pandemic. Death counts were inaccurate from the beginning (which turned out to be the fault of bad leadership providing misinformation); new case counts versus actual recoveries (which were 99.7 percent higher than fatalities) fed the frenzy that resulted in shutdowns across the country that have since, completely crippled many sectors of the U.S. economy.  It is stated that 30% of small business has been destroyed and will never return. It wasn’t the virus that destroyed businesses, it was bad leadership being misdirected by misguided traditional media, and nervous – but power hungry politicians making horrible non-science based decisions.

Misinformation is what comes from politicians who use the media to distort the truth. It isn’t talk radio fanning the flames, it is transparently selfish and opportunistic representation that has the people upset. 


Don’t blame talk radio, blame yourself. The hosts simply told us the truth about what you were doing while MSM covered for you, which has undermined American prosperity and continues to create friction in society so as to distract us from the truth that government failed with media complicit in covering your behavior by NOT reporting facts.

Even CNN’s Chris Cuomo felt justified leaving his home when quarantined while using his sickness to stir fear nightly on his show, or protecting his brother by not dutifully reporting that many lives were lost due to Governor Cuomo’s misdirection in handling the pandemic.

It used to be easier for political leaders to cover their mistakes. In the Internet age it is much more difficult for leaders to hide their mistakes. Andrew Cuomo is learning that lesson now. Gavin Newsom is next to face the guillotine, so to speak. But it won’t be because talk radio fanned any flames, it will be because our political leaders did it to themselves.

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