I Want Answers Before I Roll Up My Sleeve

Why I Will Not Take Any COVID Vaccine Until These Questions Are Answered

I have about as much confidence in the medical establishment as I have in America’s political system, which is to say I have none.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not an anti-vaxxer and I believe in science. But humans have a great propensity to screw things up, mostly; I reserve judgement when it comes to agreeing to allow someone to inject something into my body – because I can never remove it once it is inside me. 

It’s serious and it’s amazing that so many people are willing to “take the jab” simply because they have been scared to death of the coronavirus (thanks to mainstream media) that only effects  .03% of the population.

Here are the top questions I have about the vaccine and the virus. Before I even think of taking the jab, you need to answer these question for me:

1. How long is it effective?

2. What is the difference between Moderna’s and Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines? And what is the difference between the single dose of J&J and Astro Zeneca vaccines, what do these differing vaccines actually do inside my body?

3. Is it true that our own NIHIAD, from 2012 to 2019, has been funding coronavirus research at Wuhan’s BSL-4 laboratory? For what reason?

4. What poses a greater statistical risk of death: COVID or the vaccines?

5. Does getting the vaccine prevent me from spreading coronavirus without knowing it?

6. If I don’t get it, can I still spread Covid to people who get the vaccine?

7. Does the FDA still consider the current vaccine program “emergency use” and if so, what side-effect studies can you disclose?

8. Why are children being given the vaccine when most children will never get or spread Covid? 

9. Does the MMR vaccine provide any protection against COVID? (MMR is the standard measles-mumps-rubella triple vaccine that all children must have in order to attend public school. Early reports gave support to the idea that it is this vaccine that provides a robust immune system for young people, and may be the primary reason they don’t get Covid).

10. Why is it being suggested that new vaccine shots will be required every year and how will they protect us against variants we cannot predict will develop?

11. Have there been any studies on how people of color react differently from the vaccine?

Every human being has a right to full disclosure to taking any new vaccine that is is in an emergency stage of distribution. What this means is that normal long-term evaluation is skirted so as to prevent the kinds of deaths we have seen from this pandemic. But since new cases and deaths are dropping, it provides a good reason for discontinuing “emergency use” and instead, be transparent about all possible repercussions of taking the various vaccines, two of them which are actually new technology.



    The virus-theory was re-invented by the pharma industry, together with medical scientists, the Rockefellers and the CIA to control the people and make money.

    Dr. Robert Koch was a well known fraud. Viruses and the virus theory are based on his fraudulent results which he published to make money.

    Everybody who takes ANY vaccine in life is an idiot!

    You are controlled opposition. Stop deceiving people and tell the truth! Think about HIV/AIDS fraud! THE SAME PEOPLE – THE SAME LIES!


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