10 Reasons Newsmax is Better than Fox News

Disclaimer: I could care less about Newsmax, I own no stock and I am not in their employ. I consume news like everyone else and these are my opinions.

10 reasons why I love Newsmax and hate Fox News

1. No more endless “coming up next” plugs.

2. Better reporting. Sure they have a smaller staff but they aren’t playing to dual audiences and trying to please everyone by being fair-and-balanced. Newsmax knows they have a conservative audience and so they follow news that appeals to conservatives. So no more gender-race-woke-stories about social justice. Whew, and no mention of climate change bullshit either.

3. More real news per hour. Fox will repeat the same story sometimes twice, three times an hour with no new information. I feel like I am actually missing what’s going on unless I am watching Newsmax.

4. I know Chris Ruddy (the CEO) and he does care about news integrity. He also cares about conservative values, and as a conservative I want to see news that appeals to my moral sensibilities. I am white, 58 and without privilege, do I care what is trending on Twitter? No, and neither does Newsmax.

5. Way too many commercial breaks on Fox. No interview ever expands beyond 3-4 minutes so the anchors rush to get in quick questions and nothing is fleshed out. I feel like I learn nothing from Fox. Whereas on Newsmax, they actually spend time with the guest and allow them to speak without the feeling of being rushed, kinna like C-Span; I have seen some interviews go 20 minutes, which in TV is an eternity. Sure, I know it’s because they have a lower spotload than Fox, but as a consumer, more content is good news for me.

6. Better looking and smarter looking female anchors and smarter looking male anchors. Just being honest. In other words, they look like real people and not models who got hired to read a teleprompter (excepting Shannon Bream and Dana Perino).

7. Easier access. Newsmax is on my phone, my ipad, my Apple watch and my desktop. Fox is too but I have to continually sign up or sign in, which means they are probably making money off of my personal email and information. Newsmax requires no one to sign up to consume. They also don’t make you go through a paywall to read the best stories or watch a great interview.

8. Newsmax is easier on the ears and eyes. Fox is noisy. They have the gong, the fast-paced bumper music, the quick zoom ins and outs, the stage, the glitz, the glammer. Fuck! Is this a Disney production or a news channel?!

9. Newsmax respects Trumpism, which means they aren’t going to apologize for loving those who love Trump or his legacy, which is defined to me as blue-collar conservatism, the new Republican party in America.

10. Neil Cavuto isn’t on.

You see, Newsmax is simple, solid, consistent and not condescending.

What’s not to love?

The lesson here is that most news today is tabloid journalism disguised as news or opinion-journalism. ABC News, for example, shills for the DNC every night. David Muir is our American version of Pravda. Combined they are cackling chickens repeating each other, only cackling chickens are much nicer and don’t lie as much.

There is something to be said about no-frills News. After all, what is the point of news if not to give you easy to comprehend relevant AND objective information on who did what, when, where and why it should matter to me. I’ll take it from there.

Same with the Weather Channel (owned by NBC/Comcast/CCP)., once one of my favorite go-to’s for a quick nugget of info. TWC aired a short-form insert recently on “climate justice” and I haven’t watched the channel since.

Apparently, Jim Cantore,”Jen” Carfagno – along with the always and ever-present Stephanie Abrams, must have lost the memo from their former CEO a few years ago calling Climate Change theory a fraud and a hoax.


When News is social activism it isn’t news. But if Newsmax can keep it going, cable news might just redeem itself.

Let’s hope so.

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