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WOKE Explained

Let me explain WOKE for those who don’t know. 

It’s an emotional disorder that causes extreme anxiety for those who live in a compliance-reflex reality and are stuck with the emotional intelligence of a 14 year old girl who lives somewhere in San Fernando or Mill Valley.

Let me explain.

It started in the 1980’s when single-parent families began having and raising children.  Michael Savage called them red-diaper doper-babies, offspring of once-energized flower-power teens who just never grew up.

Because these parents were themselves too immature to have children to begin with, and without a good family support system to instill generational values, public educational institutes attempted to fill in the void by helping to raise children with Freudian techniques designed to have children become fixated on self.

Self-esteem building, self-awareness and self-examination became tools to indoctrinate children with the idea that “we are each a ruler of our own destiny”; that things like truth and perception are only relative to your unique self; that we are all entitled to equal outcomes, because that is fair.

No Child Left Behind meant that smart kids were less celebrated while those with “special” needs were celebrated for fear of ruining self-esteem. 

That was Woke Stage 1.

Woke Stage 2 came when Fathers-day-at-work became problematic for children who didn’t have a dad (or a dad with a job) and Mother’s Day was offensive because some kids are adopted. All religious holidays were removed so as to not offend any other religion; government holidays celebrating Presidents, leaders and explorers were deemed offensive because they had or knew someone who thought about having a slave, and so children unlearned the real American history, and were, instead, taught that America was an exploiter of nations, that nothing important happened before the 21st Century and that we are all shared victims of a Imperialist society which created poverty, and that because of what we have done, the world will die unless we save her by letting the government take over.

Then came Special Achievement Awards, and the lowering of grade thresholds to prevent failure, designed to erase merit-based learning.

Then came Ritalin, which took a generation of boys and broke them emotionally by re-wiring their brains with a toxic anxiety-inducing chemical to prevent dangerous thought. and to provoke violent behavior that could be used to show the rest of the world that there are just too many guns.

Meanwhile, girls were raised to believe they no longer need boys, that they are better, smarter, more clever and more deserving because they were cursed with having to give birth to children by a God who doesn’t really exist.

Then came the LGBTQ to indoctrinate every child into believing sex was a construct created by a misogynistic patriarchy, and that we are all “whoever we want to be,” which is equal to telling everyone that there is no such thing as crazy, just different.

Woke is group-think, compliance, “what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.” It’s neutrality, non-ness, secular, temporal, acquiescence. It is the right not to be offended because it can cause emotional trauma which might lead to future anxiety. 

Woke is safe-spaces, non-conflict, status quo. It is oneness with all, but none-ness with anyone. It is the invisible wall of superficiality where everything is double-plus-good because Big Brother says it is, and as long as you don’t disagree you are good.

It is inclusion unless you get a micro aggression from someone asking where you are from; it is a culture of diversity unless you are white, straight and male; it is intolerance unless you have a different opinion.  

It is a generation of children who are now adults behaving as children, typing away on their social media keyboards, expressing every thought and getting a special achievement award for every heart they receive for expressing it; to affirm one is special and important until the next moment arrives when they can be affirmed again.

Woke is continual affirmation of being, to be acknowledged because of one’s victim experience and status, of being a survivor in a sea of other survivors who are joined by their shared woke-ness.

Lastly, Woke is a world that cancels everyone else who isn’t.

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