Why I am Losing Sleep

There is not a more frightening idea than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris being the President and Vice President of The United States of America. Every single day of his (and her) presidency they successfully undo one more thing that made American great again. 

First, TBG (the Big Guy) lobs off thousands of jobs to punish Trump (cancelling the Keystone pipeline project), then he freezes all new oil or fracking permits across the country, making us more dependent on oil from elsewhere – and driving up gas prices (which makes everything else go up as well), then he fucks up the vaccine distribution plan sending the precious cargo to local leaders who play with it like it’s a volleyball match on who gets to go first. 

Then Joe, in his infinite but shirt-lived wisdom, makes saying certain words like Wuhan and China illegal if the word virus is in the same sentence on any and all federal property. If I were to stop at the Post Office and utter the words ‘Wuhan Virus’ while mailing a letter, I would be breaking a federal law. 

Then Joe apologizes to the rest of the world for being both white and American, and then tells black people they can’t use the Internet; then reminds all Americans how insensitive we are for harassing China just because they like torturing human beings. Following up, Joe and his party surround DC with a fence to keep Americans out while stopping a wall project designed to keep illegal aliens from coming in, all the while waving them through with eased border security.

That’s leadership like I have never seen.

And let’s not forget TBG’s desire to shake down every white dude in the military with “You-are-guilty-of-racism-unless-you-confess” tactics, tactics not seen since Saddam Hussein began marching off regional leaders who tried to keep him from attaining power, only in our case TBG plans on replacing every leader who opposes woke with every female, trans, male transitioning activist he can get his/her hands on to fill highly important leadership positions, based only gender and race, of course.


Forget your resume if want to be a Strategic Air Command Leader, you photo ID will do. Are you gay? How ’bout being gay and black? Ok. You got the job!

Only a person who hates his country would get elected and then dismantle it piece-by-piece. Or, perhaps he is just following orders because he knows somewhere lurking in a computer hard drive in New Jersey there is a file of Hunters’ teenage escapades with fellow family members while flying to the Bahamas with his good friend Jeff.

What really gives me the creeps is the way Kamala is always near by, watching Joe, with that dark mask on, like she is his overlord, or perhaps, she is there because he might forget something like where he is, or what he was doing, or if it is Saturday yet.

Or perhaps it is to remind TBG who the boss really is.

I was taught, for security reasons, they try to keep the President and the VP separate in case there is ever an attack. What government leader would do that? I ask, after all, he is much more useful to our opponents being right where he is.

Where was I, oh yes, why I am losing sleep.

Now you know.

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