Settling Old Scores

Racial Retribution is Under Way

Watching Rep. Ayanna Presley and Joy Reid on the news, one thing is clear: Certain African American leaders and influencers have appointed themselves bill collectors on generational debts stemming from slavery. They do this by implying that because every institution in the US was at one time predicated on the industry of slavery, today’s Americans’ must be held accountable for the deeds of the past, and they presume to do so with authority never bestowed upon them. 

Just because you are Black doesn’t mean any one today owes anything to you because your ancestors were slaves. That debt was settled a long time ago with the Civil War and over 600,000 dead bodies, each retribution for the pain of slavery that will ever be seared on the pages of America’s history.

But it doesn’t define us, and these charlatans in the media who use their presence and their status, are in no position to demand that the U.S. taxpayer give them aught that which they do not earn themselves.

Once such extortionist said last night on MSNBC that it is racism that causes homes in Black neighborhoods to be undervalued, places like Compton, South Chicago, Oakland and Memphis. Never mind the broken families, the drugs, the crime. What makes Black neighborhoods bad real estate is the fact that no one wants to live where there is crime and violence. Oh, and by the way, the systemic racism comes from the system, the federal government that has failed Black families for 60 years while padding the pockets of advisers and bureaucrats who get paid to dish out status quo. 

The real issue is twofold. Home and community. Communities are broken because of poverty. But the answer isn’t giving money just to feed the poor, it’s about giving a child a family and a father and mother a great education and also job opportunity, it takes teamwork between father and mother, between family and community, and then government can make sure the playing field is equal, not merely pick winners and losers based on skin color.

It also starts with parents making sure school isn’t just a babysitter for your children. Teachers will tell you kids come to school hungry, tired, their parents party, or don’t feed them properly, don’t help them with homework, these are realities and not just about people of color, its a broad trait of poverty; poverty leads to drugs and alcohol use, which drives crime. Much of this goes away when you have two parent homes who are committed to family, and it takes a few generations to end the cycle of poverty. This has been the tried and true system for thousands of years.

It starts with family.

But never are such words spoken by these so-called leaders of color who fail to use their position to promote these precious values. Such things would require accountability to be sure. Such a shame that Joy Reid doesn’t use her status for good. Instead, she prefers to settle the score on behalf of now-deceased ancestors who already paid the price.

The African American charlatans who want society to pay up for past racial discrimination are not long term thinkers, they are short term extortionists who use guilt and intimidation to convince you that you are racist because you don’t want to help Black folk. 

There is a hand out and there is a hand up. A hand out is asking the government for a raise for doing nothing, being on welfare, using social services like Section 8 because you have two or three kids, often from one or more father. Or worse, you are a wandering young male who has made several women pregnant, but you like to party, or a part time employee at a liquor store with absolutely no desire to go to school or learn a trade. 

But you don’t have to worry do you? because as long as you can cash in on racial guilt, you can go with it and let people like Ilhan Omar, or a silicon Valley uber wife with tons of money to support you because your ancestors were slaves.

I would guess your ancestors would be pissed off if they knew you were sitting in you ass and not being a slave. They died for you, they did so much to make sure you wouldn’t be a slave, and now what do you do, you take money on their behalf, for their suffering, you dance and celebrate on their grave, on their memory.

The next time I hear someone saying that America is racist and they need to give things to Black americans because of systemic racism I want to ask them the following

Is there not free education?

Do we now have laws that prevent discrimination in hiring?

Do we have the best and most generous healthcare system in the world?

Do not people from all over the world come here for a better life?

Are we not free to succeed?

If these things are not true, then why do you insist on calling America a racist country when so many African Americans have succeeded in finding the American dream? The quality of life for the average African-American in the U.S. is far higher that most of those now living on the entire African continent. The quality of life for the typical American far outshines more than 95% of the worlds population.

Perhaps it is less about racism and more about settling old scores?

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