El Rushbo: The Rare Talent of Rush Limbaugh

I worked at no less than six radio stations that carried the Rush Limbaugh radio show. KOGO, San Diego, KNRY, Monterey, KQSB, Santa Barbara, KTMS, Santa Barbara, then KJNO, Juneau, then WINK AM, Ft. Myers. 

On every single station he was the highest rated and most listened-to show. Each of those stations made 80-90% of their revenue from Rush. Some of these stations paid pretty expensive base fees to carry his show, which could be translated to local sponsorships that made huge profits for the local stations.

No one does this. 

No other radio talent, aside from maybe Casey Kasem, has had as much success. What Howard Stern conquered on FM during his reign in the 1990’s, Rush sustained for 43 years. No one does this and probably no one ever will again. 

Talk Radio is one of the most difficult mediums to master. Yet he mastered it and took the blows for being controversial. Rush Limbaugh reached twenty-million people a week. more than Ellen Degeneres, more than America’s Got Talent, more than most hit TV shows.

His greatest contribution, and there were many, was the consistency of his conservative principles. Although I always liked Rush as a radio talent, it wasn’t until after I raised my kids, bought a house, had sustained my own career, that I began listening to him as a conservative, and that is when he had the most impact on me.

He is one of the few radio talent that can entertain for hours at a time, every day, every year. He never got stale, even when some said he did, he never bored me. Ever.

You will be missed Rush. Thank you for your service.

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