When Science No Longer Matters

Oxygen is a great thing. It gives us life. It cleans our blood with a little help from iron to remove carbon dioxide from our blood cells. In oxygen, out used-carbon dioxide. It’s a miracle really. It’s why plants are so valuable.

One of the things about Coronavirus is that it doesn’t last very long when exposed to oxygen or warm air. It is a soluble virus with a very weak membrane. Oxygen is an oxidant, it eats things like carbon (ever see a banana turn brown? That’s oxygen hard at work!).

Fresh air, according to the CDC, is a good thing when battling COVID infection. Years from now – when the fog clears – we will realize that forcing people to stay indoors was the worst thing we could do to prevent coronavirus from becoming Covid-19, the bug that kills you. Exercise and fresh air prove to be instrumental in keeping the body’s defense system on guard.

This is science. 

Sometimes wearing a mask is actually harmful and can give you a false sense of security. For example, when wearing it if you can still smell cigarette smoke you probably aren’t being protected from contracting coronavirus. If a smoke molecule can penetrate a mask, a coronavirus molecule, which is about 10 times smaller in size, is easily able to move through cloth. 

It is also true that if you have Covid the masks are somewhat effective in preventing you from spreading it to others. Many people think the mask prevents you from getting it. They believe this because our media, rather than using science, simply want to promote compliance instead of common sense.

Let me give you an example.

On Sunday, for Valentines day, several of us adults decided to visit an outdoor countryside native plant farm buy some nice plants for our garden back home. 

Not only where we twenty miles from town, not only was it breezy and about 78 degrees, not only was it humid, but we were also standing in a very large area surrounded by nothing but glorious plants, shrubs, trees and exotic countryside. 

We, and the person who ran the plant farm, were the only ones there. Five people. 

I was shocked when I saw every other adult donning stupid masks the whole time they were there. I didn’t wear mine and I simply stayed a good distance and didn’t touch anything.  

While I was breathing in the wonderful fresh oxygen just pouring in from every direction, smelling every variety of plant you could think of, enjoying the warmth of the day with a periodic cool breeze to make it a perfect environment, they, the other four adults were busy repeatedly breathing in their own spent carbon dioxide for what amounted to about a half an hour to forty-five minutes. But they were complying, you see, even when it made no sense.

I am all about wearing masks in closed environments where six-feet distance is impossible to maintain. That makes sense when coronavirus is still spreading. But when you are outdoors, the air is warm, there is a breeze and you are surrounded by the Garden of Eden, why on earth would any adult believe, for even a butterfly second, that covering your mouth and preventing it from consuming fresh air and oxygen in abundance, poses a risk?

The reason is because Science is not what is being followed or eschewed to the general public. We are being told consensus science, science that is popular – whether or not it is true. Simple fear instilled by a slow, persistent media brainwashing supposedly intelligent people from trusting rational thought. It is why Texas is 15 below zero as I write this essay and supposedly rational “climate experts” are telling us extreme cold weather comes from global warming.

The Planet is Cooling

The illogical science of climate change is another good example of how masses of people now believe something that is illogical.

Most astrophysicists of merit will tell you the sun is going through a solar minimum which results in a slight decrease in heat from cosmic rays in our upper atmosphere, this in turn will create cooler temperature variations at the poles. We are also entering into a cycle-within-a-cylce period that repeats every 190 years famous for creating Little Ice Age periods, the last of which occurred in 1815 known as “the year without a summer.”

Instead, because we have accepted a consensus that turns out to be hugely profitable for its proponents, while it also causes great economic harm to the most vulnerable in our society and does nothing to mitigate or alter average global mean temperatures. Nevertheless, most people have been convinced global warming is not only going to happen, but that we are causing it.

I am sure many of you who read this article probably accept, without question, the science of man-made climate change. It’s okay if you do. How could you not. Its been pounded into our heads for twenty-five years.

We are oil rich, energy rich. Human beings have conquered fire, we can harness endless energy and provide warmth and electricity for every single human being on the planet, ten-fold, and we have been convinced that using this energy is creating warmth through the emission of greenhouse gases. They aren’t green. It’s a borrowed term from our concepts of a Venus-like world of clouds and heat. We think carbon into the air raises the temperature. Why do we think this? Because Al Gore believes it, and the consortium that convinced him of it all makes huge profits from “clean” energy.

You know this is true.

We all want a better battery. We all would rather tap the sun for endless energy, but being made to believe a lie that has no bearing in reality, as proven by this week’s cold weather, doesn’t help us achieve this goal of finding endless energy like we have with fossil fuels and natural gas. It does waste money and resources, and in some ways, is even worse for the immediate terrestrial environment. Windmills, for example, require hundred o f tons of concrete and hundreds of large scale trucks powered by fossil fuels to erect.

Cold weather is the absence of heat. The only possible source of heat that can fluctuate the earths’ temperature is the son, our son. It is why angular changes every three months cause heat fluctuation, which causes wind shifts, leaves to fall from tress, and snow in the winter and hot days in the summer. You don’t get a sun tan with carbon.

They, large corporations who see enormous profits, want to  create a more expensive, less reliable energy source for a theoretical global warming initiative based on the notion that use of fossil fuels is warming the planet. It would be different if the profits came from actual energy production, but they don’t. Funding, instead, comes from taxpayers who foot the bill by paying more for less reliable energy.

These same experts who tell us global climate change is a crisis do not take into account solar energy, cloud cover, ocean respiration or even the fact that more people die in cold weather than is warm weather and there is less vegetation in cold weather.

This is why the Vikings were growing tomatoes is Norway in the 900’s when the planet was much warmer. 

God we are stupid.

15 people froze to death in Texas, a State that sits on a gigantic oil patch but stupid people in Austin want windmills.

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