Then They Came for Me

First they came for Don Imus because they said using a common urban term was offensive; then they came after Dr. Laura Schlessinger because she used the “N”word, used in most commonly written rap songs; then they came after Rush Limbaugh because he suggested people should pay for their own birth control; then they came for Michael Savage because he believed things like borders, language and culture were important; then they came after Bill O’ Reilly because he was attracted to women.

Today it is finance expert Lou Dobbs for suggesting voting machines might have been tampered with in the most recent elections.

And these are only a small number of cases of people, national celebrities, actors, performers in the public eye being stripped openly of their careers because someone else got offended.

This list doesn’t include people who speak out against so-called climate change, or who don’t believe America is a racist country, or who don’t believe young children should be able to choose their own sex.

Far too often people are being silenced for only expressing an opinion, as if somehow that opinion poses a threat. 

A president tells people he questions an election, and because people agreed with him, he is being impeached. People are stripped of positions they hold because they support Trump policies, a clear discrimination justified by a fear that such a person is somehow dangerous.

My wife told me she actually fears (because of mainstream media) there are white supremacist about to attack the U.S.

I haven’t heard of such a thing since Oklahoma City.

I take the position that the Capital Riots were not a terrorist attack, but rather, a coordinated attempt to sow disorder orchestrated by non -Trump supporters for the purpose of justifying surveillance and added security for the ruling elite.

When Representative Steve Scalia was shot a few years ago at a public park, did Washington DC go into a lockdown? We all know the answer to that question.

Here is my point.

We have weaponized debate. Through media and political will, conservatives, or more importantly, anyone who disagrees with progressive socialist or race-gender policy, are being punished openly. A scientist loses his/her position because he/she questions climate change; a medical doctors loses his/her residency because he/she questions the efficacy of new treatments; a teacher loses his/her job because he/she doesn’t agree with 1619 ideology.

These are common examples of people who are being silenced with a desired effect to send a message to the general population, “shut the hell up and do what we say. We know who you are and everything you have said in the past will be used against you.”

As an example there is Representative Margorie Taylor Greene. You may not like her, but the cancel culture wants her silenced.

Who among us has not shouted a racial slur in a fit of anger or questioned, openly, a government study or policy decision, or even a news report that seemed incredible?

How many times, for example, were we told about supposed racial assaults only to learn later the story was false?

Jessie Smollett, anyone? 

Political correctness exacts punishment to those who dare stray from consensus. It is our worst nightmare that people will be silenced for fear of speaking the truth simply because someone else gets embarrassed for believing in a lie.

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