Why Is The Media Sexualizing Our Children?

Why does our society want to sexualize our children? 

In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, children have sexual relations with anyone, male, female, young, old. There are no limits in this future society because families don’t exist, just people with no emotional entanglements. It is the pedophiles’ wet dream and our current modern media is pushing this narrative for one reason. It is entirely true, as we suspected all along, that sexual deviancy is what lies behind the push for sexual choice; the idea that sexuality, now elevated to virtue-status, codifies narcissistic obsession for adults, who, having become bored with their fellows must now seek the excitement of exploiting children by bringing them into the fold.

I began to see this play out in TV shows like American Idol, and The Voice, where young children performers – as young as 7 years old – were praised for “coming out” and heralded for having the courage to address the “stigma” they were overcoming to “raise awareness” that all people (children, included) are entitled to “find their truth,” in pursuing their “unique sexual identity.”


Turn the page and now we have so-called non-binary and transgender ideology being force-fed to young people under the guise of inclusivity. but with a desired intent of getting younger children to be as obsessed with sexuality as they are about it themselves.

Lost in the noise of the pandemic, in early 2020 California Governor Gavin Newsom enacted an ordinance that allows adults as old as 25 to have relations with someone as young as 15, as long as the adult receives consent. Why did he do it? Because Newsom believed gay men were unfairly stigmatized boys for being attracted to men.

I lived in California, which is filled with pedophile gay men (known as “chicken hawks”) who prey on teenagers. West Hollywood is filled with them. Ask Adam Schiff, he knows. Newsom represents those who believe sexuality as a virtue to be explored by even the young.

Normalizing sexual relations under the guise of tolerance is not only sick, it is criminal. Our society want children taught from an early age to obsess about sexuality. In doing so, it makes it less of a moral conflict for both parties, young and old, to engage without taboo.

Millions of young children’s lives have been shaken from this adult promiscuity fixation that runs rampant in our major U.S. cities. And it will continue to be this way for both boys and girls if we as a society continue to ignore and tolerate institutions and corporations who endorse the indoctrination of our young into sexual identity-obessed teenagers.

The unlooked-for harvest will be a generation of people who are “stuck” thinking about nothing else but what to do with their bodies, and embracing immoral behavior under the banner of supposed freedoms. 

Liberty without license is ultimately suicidal.

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