Bad Leadership is Killing Us

To start with, we all know China started this virus. We also know that we have botched containment just as we are now botching the vaccine rollout.

At some point I realized that we are so horrible at trying to fix things that I often wonder why haven’t we killed ourselves yet. Perhaps that time is coming sooner than we think.

For example, the coronavirus – and our reaction to it – is killing a lot of people despite our leaders trying to mitigate spread. Even the vaccines don’t present a clear exit strategy, especially if new variants keep popping up. And who is to say, moving forward, any country could very easily introduce a new virus at anytime and none of us would be in the least bit prepared.

On the other hand, I also believe a few really harsh winters like the one we are experiencing this week could just as easily wipe out large swaths of humanity as well, so our complacency, or rather, our audacious assumption that “everything will be okay” is really rooted in fantasy. And almost everything that is happening today comes from bad leadership at the highest level.

The CCP, an elite group of communists, created a pandemic. America, lead by another group of elites, are practically useless to the people they lead. The very best example is that our new president, swearing as he did to uphold the Constitution, spends his first ten days in office acting like a king signing decrees of the land, displacing jobs, ruining lives, putting up barbed-wire fences around DC buildings and tearing down walls to allow migrants to overwhelm already overwhelmed border towns in the midst of a pandemic.

While Germany and France are busy locking down their borders, our leadership is busy opening ours, and for reason that seem to work against the best interest of the American people.

Biden, and extreme Left leadership, seem pre-occupied with illusionary threats instead of the real ones.

How can you, with a straight face, say global warming is our greatest threat while people are digging driveways piled with snow 20 feet high? And if you say, well that snow is coming from global warming, then you must also be willing to believe 2+2 = 4 is racist white patriarchy.

What is our leadership focused on? Battling systemic racism when they are the system? fighting White supremacy strawmen who are now deemed as dangerous as AL Qaeda?

By what measure?

Making sure people who transition have a right to serve in the military? These are the vexing problems facing average Americans?

No, these are quagmires created by an elite leadership who have no moral or ethical center and are not qualified to assume the offices they hold.

We suffer from horrible leadership and it’s OUR FAULT!

I won’t name names (Adam Schiff), except to say that it is horrific to consider that the very man who orchestrated a 4-year, 35-million dollar investigation into a hoax against a sitting president now wants to be California’s next Attorney General. And, judging by the way people vote these days, will probably be successful.

Leadership in Congress is fixated on revenge, not serving the people. Governors behave as if they have been anointed with unlimited powers to control business (fascism). The populace so sick that they even seek to remove these leaders from office.

Even our words in social media are now considered dangerous by our elected officials and can bring us great trouble if we question those who lead because we might be spreading “misinformation.”

And yet our leaders continue, backed by force, oppressing the innocent while allowing their foot soldiers of social justice to walk the streets at night in major cities unabated, free to intimidate whomever they deem guilty.

Meanwhile, under current leadership, crime is up, poverty and suicide also up; many schools remain closed and the government keeps printing money so we can all get our next stimulus check to keep our cell-phone bills paid, so we can tweet how much we hate #racism.

A stupid populace is less likely to protest against bad leadership, and an ever-dwindling educated class is least likely to pose a threat against a leadership class whose sole purpose is to attain and keep power, ultimately so that they can enjoy luxury as a price for taking care of the rest of us.

Bad leadership is killing us.

I wish I had seen it coming sooner, and though it has only been less than a month, I really miss the fact that Trump is no longer our president. I realize now that he was the only one who was willing to push back against bad leadership, and he tried. But in the end he was brought down like an aging wildebeest overtaken by the very jackals who, even now, remain in control.

I used to wonder how Germany became so wretched in five years.

It started by forcing people to wear a patch, they they were told to stay in certain places, then they were taken away – never to be seen from again. Silenced. Cancelled.

How could a free and supposedly open society turn so fast?

Now I know the answer to that question.

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