The Real Threat, Part 2

What People Don’t Understand About Totalitarianism

China is to be considered because it is a great world power ruled through totalitarianism, which means individual life doesn’t matter to the ruling power of China. There is no transparency, and therefore the political leadership is untrustworthy. We know they appropriate intellectual property with no moral consideration. We know they torture people for simply being religious, we even know they desire to regulate religion so that it only serves the CCP party ideology. Could you envision a less-savory opponent?

We are China’s existential threat militarily as well as economically.

For now, they need us because we consume large quantities of what they sell, which means jobs for their people. If China were a flowering and open culture, one which shared in scientific discovery and expressed a real desire of promoting true peace with us, the United States would surely reciprocate, just as we have done with almost every other country for over two-hundred years. But they don’t. They steal, they assert, they export technology to other despotic regimes who wish to tag humanity as if they were batteries, and they oppress with extreme prejudice.

The Chinese government is repeating the Nazi, Germany and Soviet-Russian playbook, and there seemingly is no one to stop them.

By what force will the CCP release millions of people who today are locked away in cold, almost unbearable prison cells, enduring daily torture and humiliation while these inncocent human beings whither into something reminiscent of the images Auschwitz or Dauchau?

Add to this the escape of Sars-Cov2, China unleashed hell, and to this day they remain unaccountable and illusive in allowing the global community of nations to once and for all determine where this virus came from and what it is, for surely top Chinese science officers are keenly aware of this virus, they had been studying it for years.

And yet they temain silent.

How can China ever hope to regain its political equilibrium or credibility unless it discloses the truth behind the pandemic’s cause, and to assure all nations such an event can never be allowed to occur again?

Clearly there were mistakes made, and China needs to preserve its honor by accepting its responsibility in creating the pandemic and seek to rectify the damage at whatever cost.

It is foreseeable that China’s continued reckless behavior can only have one outcome, destruction from within, the slow, ireversible erosion of trust from the people who make up this once great country. The world at large simply cannot move forward toward the universal goal of world peace if there exists a nation that flouts international law, commits broad human suffering, and deceptively asserts itself on the world stage without regard for law or even a sense of societal fairness.

Today’s China is the reality of the grand dystopian nightmare. They serve only the party, they spy on everyone while each citizen spies on each other just to stay alive.

Such a dark, soulless country could only eventually collapse from the weight of its own evil. It is a country devoid not only of God, but of love itself.

Is it any wonder so many of its people commit suicide?

The real threat, taking into consideration all of the above, is the collateral damage they will cause to the rest of us in the meantime.

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