Reverse Racism is Never Justified

It seems as if we are headed towards a place I never thought we would see, a place where someone like me is treated as a second class citizen because supposedly my ancestors treated people of color as second class citizens. 

I grew up in Watts, Compton, Lynwood, these are areas we now refer to as South-Central Los Angeles. Yes, I was a poor white kid. It was common to get harassed, to be beaten in back allies simply for being white; for smelling funny, for having money. I learned at a very young age to stay in the open. And if it wasn’t a group of black kids who were going to pick on me that day, it was going to be the Mexicans who would drop kick me a few times, call me Juedo, and be on their way.

Despite this dark period of my formative years, I never once thought of myself as a victim, or of them as being racists. I saw it simply as an economic problem (we were poor), and a numbers problem, I was just one to their many. When you are in the minority, no matter what minority, you will be the one they target. Skin color is irrelevant. At least that is what I believed.

So when I hear race-empowerment speeches, and I see people being intimidated to raise a fist or take a knee to support racial solidarity, I see reverse racism. When I see a group of people, namely Caucasians in general, being forced to atone for a sin they didn’t commit, I get angry and I call foul.

When I see white people being called out for being the problem of all racism, and then we are told we can’t help it because that is the way were born, that’s sounds like racism in its most vile form.

I remember back to the school yard days when I was spit on, cursed at, a knife stuck in my back, having to explain to my mom that my lunch money was used to pay off someone so they didn’t kick my ass, I think of how similar it looks today with people of color chasing down Caucasians, burning homes and businesses while being told its their fault by people like Van Jones, Joy Reid and AOC, these people are acting the same as those people then; thugs using race as an excuse to beat me down – again. When I saw an eight year old kid being forced to raise a fist because six black kids were about to pounce on him, I reflected back to how it felt when I was surrounded, knowing I was about to be pounced on, simply for being at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong color of skin.

To further the premise along Joe Biden is going to require every federal employee to take a implied-bias anti-racism course to curb systemic racism, as is the City of Los Angeles also enforcing its employees to undergo what some would call indoctrination school in order to fix systemic racism.

iHeartmedia, the largest terrestrial broadcast group and Internet music streaming service in the U.S. has announced the appointment of a Diversity Director, someone who will walk the halls of radio stations across the country to ensure there is a climate of “cultural diversity and inclusion.” It’s a corporate-willed mandate of Marxism. And it’s coming soon to every boardroom in America.

We are all guilty until proven cured by people of color. They call the shots, or as the Verizon commercial claims, as ‘Brianna’ is riding a Horse down Fifth Avenue with her cellphone, “we’re in charge now!”

Soon there will be reconciliation tribunals and self-appointment Race and Gender Czars to enforce diversity and inclusion compliance in schools, in business and probably every other public arena. The day will come when, if you are sitting at the front of the bus and a person of color wants your seat, you will need to go where? Say it with me, “the back of the bus.” And it will be because you are inherently guilty of the sin of being White.

And should you get drunk one night and accidentally slur a word you heard your grandfather use a thousand times when you were a kid (and probably what caused you to hate black people without knowing it), hope to God your kids don’t report you to the local authorities.

As Captain Picard once famously said when he was confronting a dominant race who called themselves the collective (the Borg) “the line must be drawn here!”

We must end this accusation that Caucasians are guilty of the sin of slavery and inherent racism. It’s a lie that has been perpetuated for far too long. It’s a lie rooted in racism.

I call for a National American’s Day on Lincoln’s Birthday February 12, a day where we all celebrate our common American heritage.

Take a day off in celebration that our forefathers fought to end slavery. 600,000 people died in that fight, millions more were maimed.

Let’s give our brethren a chance to consider that historic fact as they destroy the country they themselves helped to build.

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