Holding the Press Accountable – Part 4

I spent some time pondering George Orwell’s construct about how governments can use hate to control the general population. In the novel 1984, the book opens with a spectacle of watching Two Minutes Hate in progress; citizens staring at a giant screen being tormented by the arch-villain Immanuel Goldstein, the quintessential ‘enemy of the Party.’

Hate, we discover, is infectious, orgasmic, fueling a basic need of human emotion, the desire to feel something even if it is a negative feeling about someone. When hate is stirred, we feel empowered, as if our anger has been justified by the consensus that we are not the only person feeling this way. In our hate we are joined, as it were, with others to a common cause, which is to destroy the object we hate. In destroying the object we despise we falsely assume we are resolving the problem. The goal of hate, therefore, is to kill that which gives us emotional pain.

Only thing is what we hate never gets killed, especially if those who benefit from such emotion are able to continue the momentum. The object of hate gets moved to another part of the screen, or becomes part of a narrative of a new object. Yesterday it was Al-Qaeda, , then it became ISIS, the American law enforcement, now Trump, soon his supporters, the Caucasions who represent patriatchal oppression. All objectified hate, the enemy we must destroy.

If the goal of mainstream news is to take the anger of Trump and move it towards another object, in this case anyone who doesn’t agree, or those exhibit a disdain for left-leaning policies, one merely needs to suggest The term White Nationalist mean racism, something akin to Nazism. This method of superimposing one object into another might be termed “emotional transference.”

It becomes obvious by the dramatic music scores that begin on the nightly news, or bright red and yellow graphics on screen; certain phrases are used, adjectives designed to promote fear, anxiety and uncertainty, ‘a nation mourns,’ ‘a country on edge,’ ‘this just now coming in as we come on the air,’ all perfectly well-placed verbiage to stir your interest as well as your emotions.

People who watch the news have been caught up in Two-Minutes Hate and may not even realize they are being manipulated.

The constant criticism of the president, the endless supply of opinion disguised as analysis, the continued badgering of the presidents’ actions all serve to keep the masses glued to their screens always in anticipation of the next bombshell, the next reaction, the next crisis, the next scandal. And it is this fever pitch reporting ratcheting ever higher until— chaos, the ultimate orgasm of the Left.

I am not even sure the anchors themselves realize how much they have been compromised in this now 24-hour excursion of hate-manufacturing.

Demonizing the enemy is nothing new. What you are seeing now from the major news networks is exactly that, creating enemies segregated by ideology and which ideology is considered acceptable.

Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx would be proud of our current Democratic and Progressive Parties.

It is one thing to cover critical issues and policy decisions being made by any president or members of Congress, but to hammer the same points day after day, totally ignoring other major news stories that chance to occur, news coverage of serious importance being ignored is, in my humble opinion, irresponsible.

If tabloid journalism is the new norm in the U.S, and we can no longer count on our news networks to deliver unbiased and agenda-free news coverage, which clearly appears to be the case, then Cable news may just go the way of Network prime-time,News, which is to say nowhere at all.

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