What 2020 Taught Me

So here is what 2020 taught me.

I learned that we had no interest in fighting coronavirus until it became politically expedient to do so, and we have all been paying a heavy price for waiting. We still are lying about the numbers and about the treatment, and it is amazing how many people are using the virus to gain control over other people’s lives.

I also learned that our political leaders are our enemies. They are liars, and they lie to keep themselves in power, and anyone who doesn’t see this now is simply naive. 

I learned that China is very happy that America is suffering.

I learned that I didn’t realize how many black people weren’t on TV before, compared to how many there are now. I wonder why it tool so long for Hollywood to make this happen.

I learned that I didn’t miss going to the movies, as the quality of movies have dropped, anyway.  

I learned that people don’t really understand science, they just believe whatever the experts tell them because if the experts are wrong then who can blame us for believing them?

I learned that we are still willing to convict an innocent man without evidence and without due process, and even when exonerated, the same people will keep trying to convict all over again out of hate.

I,  along with every other American, learned that mainstream news media in the United States is no longer a trusted new source.

I learned that white males in this country are no longer a well-respected group, and the next time one of us pulls over in the snow to help you with a flat tire or a ride to the nearest gas station, you might rethink your position.

I learned that if you don’t hate Trump, people will think there is something wrong with you. 

I learned that all Social Media has done is allow all of us to read each others minds.

 I learned the we don’t need half the shit we buy anyway. 

And finally, I learned that there are some wounds that simply won’t heal, like the loss of a loved one, or the separation of a friend or family member over simple ideology.

It never used to be that way before, and I am afraid it will always be that way moving forward as long as we have the media telling us what to do and how to think.

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