Hold The Press Accountable, Part 2

In our four-part series I look at the actions of the mainstream media press and show how the irresponsible nature of reporting undermines the fabric of American society by turning people against each other, and how the Press have become an apparatus of the Democrat Party, and in such an environment, the people of this nation are being manipulated for political reasons.

Part 2

In the 1979 movie The Accused Jodie Foster portrays a young woman, drunk and in a bar, getting sexually assaulted while several onlookers root on the assault. 

In the back of the room is the primary agitator, a tall, dark, unsavory-looking man whose only regret is probably that he isn’t the one doing the assaulting. But his real joy comes from stirring the crowd on, raising the tension, screaming “Do it! do it! do it!”

Today’s Press and specifically MSNBC, CNN and ABC are the agitators in my story, and the country is being assaulted by those who are following the charge of the Press to  “do! do it! do it!”

Rachel Maddow turns every political story into a conspiracy and makes outlandish assumptions that destroy peoples lives and creates anger in her viewership on a nightly basis.  

Joy Reid calls white people racists as easy I order a pizza, and insults every single caucasian in America on a daily basis. To Joy, someone who is white and proud of their country is a racist – and she gets away with saying it. How is what Joe Reid or Joe Scarborough saying holding ‘the powerful accountable’ when they are only presenting a certain set of facts meant to condemn people without due process and inflame viewers into protest?

Flip over to Chris Cuomo, who believes it is government who grants us rights, or Don Lemon, who believes all white people are members of the KKK, both stoking more anger, more fear, dispensing more misinformation to sustain ratings, all to the detriment of the American public who just want the truth!

Our Press have become whores; they prostitute truth to gain fame, and destroy the very fabric of American society along the way.

Rick Klein, producer of ABC World News Tonight, who just days ago publicly admitted it was ‘time to cleanse our country of conservatives,’ uses the likes of Mary Bruce and Jonathan Karl to pour Left-wing propaganda into our heads every single night, under the urgent delivery and the thundering, heart-pounding pace of David Muir, to make sure we all know that every single thing wrong in the world is because of Trump and the Republicans, or the Religious right, or people who simply love America. 

Today’s news is pure anti-American propaganda intended to divide and keep in the dark, the masses, to get them to view everything through the prism of race, gender and class.

There actions are morally reprehensible since the Press is the only occupation mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, and thus are they morally obliged to serve the American people with fairness and truth-in-reporting, so that we can be an informed electorate, not a mob-crowd burning down buildings, tearing down statues, breaking into the State Capital, and seizing city blocks. These actions are the direct result of the Press urging agitation, no different from the guy at the back of the bar wanting to see some action.

We are supposed to have a press that has integrity. We do not. Our press is supposed to be unbiased and fair, even accurate. It is not. The press is not supposed to push one agenda while ignoring, or misrepresenting another. 

And yet it does.

Case in point:

One FBI report was issued that said there ‘could be’ some protesting of ‘right-wing extremists’ on inauguration day ‘throughout each of the States.’ The medias spin is that there is an army of agitated right-wingers out to do damage and they must be stopped at all costs. Accept that there is no army and there never was. Maybe the Left has an amy, but conservatives don’t feel a need to occupy Wall Street, take over Seattle neighborhood’s burn down federal buildings in Portland, burn down local businesses in Waukegan. That’s not what the Right does. 

What does the media do? They orchestrate, they build tension and they create narrative which instills hostility and anxiety. They are the virtue signal to their bases to get involved and to “do it!” 

The fact is that during all of the Trump rallies and throughout all of the things Trump was falsely accused of during his tenure, there was never one riot or protest from Trump supporters in four-years. 

MSNBC, as well as 95% of all other media outlets, will now, until next Wednesday, and with ever-increasing frequency, report there is going to be protests by Right-wing extremists. And of course they will replay the Capitol riots as proof such protests will most likely occur. 

The media is provoking the conflict to sow disruption. Then they can report it. 

This is how it works and will continue to work is until the American people realize this is what the media has become.

In its present form, and because of the overt bias, we can no longer trust journalism in the United States of America; such journalism more resembles State-mandated propaganda you would expect to read or see in Russia’s Pravda, or the CCP’s Global Times.

How did it get this way? We’ll discuss that question in the next segment.

Jim Watkins is an author, media consultant and host of the Speaking Out Podcast

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  1. Wow it’s so refreshing to hear someone stand up for the truth. Every thing you said in this article is absolutely true but how do you get the word out when the social media Gods will just delete your articles. Thank you for standing up and telling the truth exposing exposing corruption of this new party.


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