Meet The New Boss – Same As The Old Boss

I notice things. I notice gas prices, the daily Stock Market, how crowded shopping centers are on the weekend. I see the ebb and flow and look for the cause and effect. Already the signs are there that when things do get back to normal its really going to get back to 2008.

All of those people celebrating a Biden victory will soon realize the folly of their ways. But it will happen slowly.

I am one who remembers when the Opioid epidemic was being ignored by Obama, when steel mills and energy firms were being shut down; when gas taxes went up just as prices followed suit because we still depended too much on foreign oil, and I remember when the stock market stalled for years, homes were mostly for sale and bankruptcies were paid off by sucker U.S. taxpayer.

And there were the never ending wars.

Assuming the coronavirus vaccines will work and Covid gets under control, that will probably be the only thing we are celebrating one year from now.

As Biden-Harris seek to roll back Trump’s successes, we can expect

– high gas prices

– more restrictions and regulations on energy producers

– higher corporate taxes (driving them elsewhere)

– sectors of labor being decimated by over-regualtions (again) 

– more racial issues because every single racial story will be blown out of proportion carrying the America-is-racist-nation narrative forward

– higher crime because of all of the above

– Russia, China and Iran invading other countries.

In other words, things will be as they have been since 1960.

It’s easy to run a country into the ground. Obama proved that, as did George Bush before him. The good news is people in America love to work, but they don’t love high taxes. Small business -what’s left of them- are being squeezed out, and will continue to be squeezed because Democrats love corporate money.

Trump applied math and we had the best three years of an American economy in the last 75 years. Sadly, Biden and Harris are from the part of the government that was the problem, and they are back in charge. They are excellent politicians to be sure, perhaps their greatest craft, but administrators of a high order? show me the evidence; wise and ethical leaders with a track record of improving the lives of their constituents back home? have you seen Oakland California or Wilmington, Delaware lately?

In 2015, I interviewed a former Secret Service agent who had been assigned to Biden security, which means he was at Biden’s home residence and got to know the former Vice President pretty well. In one story, and this has been corroborated by at least two other sources who also worked detail, Biden liked to disrobe in front of the female officers assigned to protect him while he swam in his pool naked. That tells me everything I need to know about the man. He’s an arrogant prick. Sorry, but only arrogant pricks do that.

With Kamala, when I learned that the former CA Attorney General knowingly suppressed evidence that would have exonerated a man who was on death row because she would lose her case, that too, told me everything I needed to know about Senator Harris. She is an opportunist to the highest degree, which was on full display during the Brett Kavanaugh Senate confirmation hearings.

These are not wise Statesmen, these are two opportunists who played the long-game and were in the right place at the right time.

Meanwhile, wit these two marvels of mental acuity in charge, the rest of America will slowly revert back to the way it was before, misery for many while the inner circle, the ever-shrinking affluent class, along with our foreign adversaries who are busy poking us from behind continue to drain away our resources, just as they did before.

It might be s sweet but short victory, but when gas prices are over $4.00 a gallon, when your kids can’t find a decent job, and when you start to see your own paycheck shrink more and more, you will realize that you got exactly what you paid for: bad government that smiles at you and tells you everything is going be okay, when you know you’ve heard that before.

Won’t get fooled again.

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