Holding The Press Accountable, Part 1

Bear in mind that long before most people knew about the pandemic, I had already been watching Chinese YouTube video showing doors being welded shut to prevent people from leaving their apartment buildings in response in Wuhan. Li Wenliang was still alive when I was doing my daily podcast updates, China was still under 2,000 fatalities, and our press cared nothing for any of it, instead focused on Trump getting impeached.

From the beginning as I watched, our media didn’t, and when they finally came around when New York’s elderly started dying, they bungled it from the beginning.

Here are 9 things the media did to destroy civilization in reporting on the Coronavirus.

1) Politicized any therapy that prevent dying from COVID, including hydroxochloraquine, a patented malaria drug that has been used to treat malaria for decades, simply because Donald Trump suggested it as a treatment, which has shown to be effective. To date, millions use it around the world, including India, to prevent Covid deaths. We still get flagged on social media in our country because it, along with other treatments like Remdesivir, are deemed unproven, and therefore dangerous. In fact, any natural homeopathic treatment, including a robust immune system from good nutrition, is deemed controversial. Social media and the mainstream media have cost thousands of lives through misinformation tactics that prevent people from the knowing the truth about coronavirus and good available therapies, and this campaign to censor what social media calls misinformation, continues today.

2) Focusing on Cases instead of Deaths. From the beginning experts have all agreed that the fatality rate is the true indication of the threat of any virus. But instead of reporting on deaths (strictly from Covid), the media instead focused on cases rising, creating panic and helping to fuel legislation that attempted to prevent spread (which is impossible). Cases rising created more dramatic response; deaths rose quickly in New York because Governor Cuomo was pushing sick people into nursing homes. The elderly along the northeast New England corridor were not protected, as CDC Robert Redfield warned us in early December, that common sense protection is the best way to prevent deaths, and since we knew mostly elderly were also the most vulnerable, we instead focused on new case counts, which disrupted society because everyone felt vulnerable.

The media used the case numbers to instill panic because they were rising much faster than deaths. That panic has resulted in useless lockdowns that have facilitated more spread, destroying economies along the way.

3) Public shaming of citizens and businesses who don’t comply with shutting down. The media did such a great job of shaming non-mask wearers and parents who didn’t want to stop sending kids to school, thus creating a social division that continues to divide society even to this day. It is simply not possible to object to any stringent lockdown policy without being chastised because we still think the entire population is highly vulnerable.

Even countries were being shamed by other countries for not following strict lockdown measures, and again, social media was there to censor objection and promote compliance. Major networks like ABC and CBS regularly showcase rare case examples of young people dying from COVID, which is the exception to the rule, as a way of instilling fear in all age groups that they have a greater risk of dying from Covid than from a dozen other threats that could easily occur (car accidents, dying from cancer, getting hit by a drunk driver, diabetes, hypertension, etc.). 

4) Promotion of continued lockdowns. Five months ago a consortium of doctors from around the globe signed a letter called the Barrington Letter which says lockdowns will kill more people than COVID, that poor people will suffer the most from lockdowns and the effects of lockdowns will have a physical as well as psychological effect that will be much worse than Covid. They say this because only .005% of the worlds population will die from COVID, and lockdowns do not prevent the spread. Many now believe the lockdowns actually perpetuate infections because of viral load that increases when people are restricted to indoors. No tonly did all of the mainstream media mock the report (or not report it at all), social media began censoring people who tried to share the report, ostensibly preventing Americans from knowing that top scientists are against lockdowns. How would the average American feel of they knew their own press was keeping this truth from them? How would Americans feel knowing that because the media kept pushing lockdowns as the only way to stop the spread (which you cannot do), hundreds of millions of people are out of work.

5) Ignoring the science of statistical data that shows that most children and adults under 40 do not spread, nor contract COVID, and even if they did, their immune systems will fight it because they have other inoculations, namely the MMR vaccines, that have been proven to resist COVID infection. Early on there were published studies that assert this fact, but they were either ignored or quashed by the media. Such information could also have prevented thousands of deaths. In fact, there were only one or two recommendations being published to actually encourage older people to get booster shots, which are shown to be effective against getting sick with Covid.

6) Reporting cases as sickness. Every single time an athlete, actor or other celebrity tested positive for coronavirus it made headlines. Rarely were there follow up reports that show these people recovering without issue. Such misinformation only exacerbated the fear of getting sick, which many didn’t even after getting a positive test. Such information would have distilled panic because people would realize most will not have any issue if they are “infected.”

7) Using science to instill fear. Here are the facts, 95% of all cases are with people over 65 years of age, most people under the age of 65 will not get sick from coronavirus, of those who test positive, less that 1% will get sick.

Also, 40% of all PCR testing will give a false positive or negative, meaning your test result will be wrong 4 out of 10 times. And yes, all cases are counted as being individual cases when most people who test, test as much as four times. The media presents every case as an individual case. Clearly this spreading disinformation.

8) Promoting an untested vaccine with shame and fear. Why is the media falsely reporting the vaccines as being effective when the truth is no one knows for sure yet? Why is it an a priori assumption that every single person needs to get a shot when most people will never be effected by coronavirus? Why is the media narrative that only a vaccine will bring normal back?

Many experts aren’t even sure how long the vaccines will last, which are more effective and lastly, what, if any side effects could occur over the long term. Like with the masks, the Media is setting up an “us-versus-them” premise and will shame people into vaccinations, punishment for those who do not comply,. and promote legislation that restricts those who do not get vaccinated.

9) Not counting deaths by other reasons. The Media constantly falsely reports people dying from COVID when not all cases are verified. Most recently a young congressmen who tested positive for Covid, died later from a heart attack while having surgery. The Press only reported the congressmen dying from COVID, which was blatantly false. Most of the time, almost 90% of time, according to the NIH, people die from underlying issues that may, or may not have been exacerbated by COVID, and since upper respiratory failure is already the number one killer, it would be easy to conflate COVID deaths in order to instill fear and continue social policy that undermines society. The Media not only fails to report truth in numbers, but social media prevents anyone questioning the numbers, as if to prevent citizens from knowing the truth of just how dangerous COVID really is or isn’t.

Because of the position media has taken in presenting skewed facts about COVID 19, we are where we are today, uninformed and easily controlled into giving up everything we hold dear in life. Lockdown policies continue because if the people really knew the truth about Covid and how non-threatening it really is, there would be revolts. 

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