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Marxism’s Appeal and Why The Georgia Elections Really Matter

Let’s face it. Humanity will never change. There will always be the 20/80 rule, the rule that says 20% of all people are the real producers, the rest are laggards, mediocre, the servant-class.

China knows this. Marx knew this. AOC probably believes it. The elites will always rule because they have to, the majority of people are just not very special, so just take care of their basic needs, keep them entertained and they will do your bidding; just tell them through propoganda that things are getting better and they will accept their lot as long as you give them hope.

This is why the CCP continues to rule. They realized a long time ago that people are not ‘born equal,’ that so-called human rights are a human invention rooted in emotion, not divinity, which, according to the Marxist, is an illusion or ‘opiate for the masses.’

Another tactic slowly being used in the U.S. to marginalize dissenters is how the Chinese Communist Party also treats undesirables sent to labor camps for re-indoctrination, or restricting movement and access based on one’s social credit score. You will get a knock on the door in China is you say anything negative about the Party; in the U.S., you will be publicly shamed or cancelled if Social Media deems you a racist, xenophobic, homophobic or some other phobic person not fit to be in society.

But to these progressive Communists/Socialists, they argue the principles of how that which is good for the State is ultimately good for the people To them troublemakers should be eliminated, speech should be regulated, movement should be restricted restricted, right of free expression should be denied if it is “harmful.” The new socialist agrees these are the most effective way to insure harmony and inclusiveness, to serve the greater good. Young people today believe in these communist principle because it was taught to them in American schools run by a socialist ideology stretching back to the 1950’s.

People must be governed, the U.S. style of constitutional-based law is in need of revision to protect people from themselves. We have already seen that CCP influence in Congress is real (Eric Swalwell is just the tip of the iceberg), as it is with all major news organizations (who have been courted by the CCP for decades). The enemy has been infiltrating the pillars of power in America for one hundred years.

Welcome to the democratic socialist vision of the United States.

San Francisco is a fine example of Democratic Socialism in action. Homeless everywhere, rampant crime, outrageous regulation, over taxation that straps businesses from succeeding, people are literally defecating on the streets. But you will get arrested if you call a trans woman a mister or have a few friends over to have a party. Or worse, if you are caught not wearing a mask while you are taking a crap on the sidewalk, you will get arrested for not wearing the mask!

Laws to control behavior, even something as simple as creating an anti-discrimination law (like the one Congress just introduced banning gender pronouns) can have repercussions which can encumber basic civil liberties like freedom of speech and freedom of expression, or to practice one’s faith openly. Why? because the State determines – with the presumed consent of the people – that the right not to be offended is a basic human right worth protecting by force.

Mask-wearing is a great example of how the State uses media to turn citizens against one another. It also turns State against citizens, as we saw when the Los Angeles police department, the largest law enforcement agency in the nation, started arresting people for having parties on New Years eve.

New York State is considering a law that would allow citizens to be removed and incarcerated for up to two-months if they are deemed a “health risk” (testing positive for coronavirus, for example). This is Stalinist Russia tactics playing out in the freest nation in the world. And Media as well as social media fully supports these tyrannical actions. They want more of it, not less.

Watch the news tonight and ask yourself, is the media supporting this aggressive tactic, or questioning it as a violation of basic civil liberties? If you watch ABC, NBC or CBS I can almost guarantee each of these networks will side on the need for such actions, presenting as good for society and that those arrested deserve to be. This is straight out of the Communist Party’s playbook, and you will see it tonight.

Social media is on the game, too. They are in unison in blocking opposing political views deeming them “dangerous,” calling legitimate questions and criticisms as “false,” even harmful. Whether its about COVID, the elections, or Hunter Biden, fact-checkers are on the hunt to shut your speech down.

Try posting the world “hydroxy” and you will be flagged. Share an article that challenges Climate Change or the presidential elections and you will be flagged by fact-checkers. Even the President is censored if what he says is not approved by the fact-checkers in Silicon Valley. 

If powerful social media can restrict free speech from the President, why wouldn’t they do that to you?

The reason Communism and its cousin Socialism is poison is because these ideologies slowly kill the human spirit because you are bacially controlled from cradle to grave. People who come from communist countries tell you this is true, always. such governance incrementally lowers the quality of life. Venezuala and Cuba are just two examples of this. Both were once rich countries and prosperous when they were free. Once communism was introduced, they began to degrade, the people became hoplesss, life became static.

Human beings who seek to control other human beings eventually become corrupt and end up only seeking power for themselves. It’s inescapable. It is the undeniable human condition that has always been true.

Only the American idea that the people rule themselves illustrates that such freedoms lead to real prosperity, something large governments can never provide in the broader sense because government stymies productivity.

I write this today because I recognize that day may come soon when even ideas such as mine will be silenced for fear of “stirring trouble.” But I have also given pause that maybe the CCP (and Benjamin Franklin) are right, that people just can’t handle freedom. Maybe it is this inability to handle the stress of a free life (haviing responsibility for oneself) is too much for some people, so they seek to be governed believing their life will improved if they are just taken care of by the State. They seek to be safe from failure. But it is these people, when once entrapped in a socialist government, are usually cast aside anyway because such governments view these people are failures even parasitic.

What happens in the next ten years will determine whether the United States of America remains a true Republic that protects our civil rights, or falls deeper into soft-tyranny under a one-party system that keeps itself in power in perpetuity by suppressing dissent.

What happens in Georgia , what happens in Washington, what happens in the EU and England, and especially what happens in China, will determine which road the world takes in the coming decades. We will choose between freedom and tyranny. It really is that simple, and that important.

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