Why New Normal Means “We Failed You”

Remember when gas prices were four-dollars a gallon? We were told that was the new normal.

Remember when fires burned in California and rolling power outages were caused by climate change, and how we were told that it too is the new normal?

Or when terrorism was rampant and we were told that terrorism would also be the new normal, and that we would have to live with taking our shoes off and getting our underwear scanned from now on?

It seems as I reflect upon these past segues from one new normal to another, there remains one consistency: new normals are always caused by misguided and failed leadership.

Governments, run by fellow human beings making huge mistakes create unsettledness in society, and then we are told by those who made those mistakes, like letting a virus get out of control in Wuhan, that it is WE who have to accept the new normal because they screwed up.

Andrew Cuomo should be in jail for murder, instead he gets an Emmy-award for sitting in front of a video camera pontificating how he is going to save New York from coronavirus. I watched him every day show us the curve, show us the data, mansplain why we need to take his direction, but then it got political, and it became all about Cuomo not getting what he wanted from Trump. Ah, Trump.

Then the media zoomed in and gave Cuomo even more praise for being a leader. Meanwhile, the Governor was busy shoving sick people into old folks homes, and the result from Cuomo’s leadership meant thousands of elderly citizens in New York died in large numbers unnecessarily. To add insult to injury, Dr. Fauci, the media-appointed Yoda of health ministry, calls Gvernor Cuomo a hero for causing all of those deaths.

Now this same governor has destroyed business, killed the economy of the most vibrant city on the planet, and hasn’t prevented a single COVID death, period.

Addicts and criminals (released from jail or are no longer arrested) run the city of New York; the people are afraid, and the media gives Cuomo every moment of precious airtime to tell us that “we” have to accept” – say it with me, “The New Normal.”

When someone tells me to accept the new normal, what I hear is that they are asking me to accept their failures and adjust to them accordingly.

In the UK it is the horribly unprecise policies that have destroyed the great Empire. The healthy are imprisoned in their homes, while less than six people who advise the British government, have determined that in order to stop a flu bug, everyone must give up their life.

In France, Macron, who won’t admit that immigration is what is driving new cases and not kissing french women, has allowed political correctness to a foster a growing pandemic. The same is probably true in London, and Germany as well, and especially here in the U.S.

The media won’t tell you the truth, which is that poor people in slums who live in close proximity with one-another can easily spread the virus (any virus, really).

Instead we are told a different narrative, one that suggests that people of color are being discriminated against because of lack of access to health care.

The global media elites have also done much to push the pandemic narrative.

Sadly, the data states the actual year-to-year death counts remain normal.

All of this data is easily available HERE

What has changed is the law has now been seized by misguided leaders who using force of law to restrict movement with no scientific credulity.

Soft tyranny is the new normal, the idea that law can be created to restrict freedom if that law can be shown to “ensure public safety” under a broad and unconstitutional pretense.

Our final chapter may be the COVID vaccine itself and a rush to a cure that could have dire implications.

Just today, the WHO admitted many of the new vaccines won’t reduce the spread of coronavirus.

The mRNA of these first two vaccines teaches the immune system to attack spike proteins, the mechanism which allow the coronavirus to latch itself into the body’s cells and take over. The mRNA vaccine, mostly experimental, teaches the body to attack other spike proteins, including proteins of embryonic tissue, botox injection material, can sometimes cause Bells’ Palsy (droopy-face), and anaphylactic seizures.

We are also advised by the CDC to not engage in sex for at least 28 days after getting the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

We are rolling the dice on what kind of long-lasting side effect could occur and from the same leadership that shuts down entite societies to protect 0.3 percent of the population.


The way we get back to normal is to petiyion against leadership and demand removal as they are attempting to do Gsin Newsome in California. Newsom is the symbol of failed leadership.

Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo of New York, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, all of these leaders have miserably failed their citizens.

Instead of following CDC director Robert Redfeld’s advice back in February to protect the elderly, they locked down everyone else, they took it upon themselves to toss out the U.S. Consititution and rule by fiat.

Eventually the people will rise up once everything is taken from them.

If Black Lives Matter can take to the streets and protest social injustice, then others will be soon to follow.

But beware, the corporate media, including most social media, is not your friend. Those who protest against this soft-tyranny encroachment, protest against government overreach, will be portrayed as dangerous, even shameful.

And when the people have nothing more to lose, they will realize it was leadership that tried to tell us to “accepts the new normal,” in order to hide the fact that these very same leaders were never capable of leading in the first place.

This was the only good thing that came from the coronavirus, the exposure of the abundance of bad leadership for a people who deserve much better.

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