Why Do We Want To Destroy Civilization?

By Jim Watkins

Whenever I get into a discussion with someone about the economic hardship being inflected on the poor because of the Coronavirus pandemic, they think I am putting profits before safety. They think I am not taking Covid seriously, they think I am ignorant.

What they don’t seem to get is that the shutdown of commerce is having a far more devestating impact on peoples’ lives that Covid. More people are suffering from the fear of Covid than the virus itself. And people don’t care about this because it requires in-depth understanding of how society is structured.

Poverty trickles downward when commerce stops. Along the food chain of modern society is a giant system that requires thousands of moving parts. If something slows down, everything slows down. The poor suffer the most.

For example, over 25 African countries depend on hundreds of billions of dollars in annual U.S. aid which will be cut this year because tax revenues are down due to the economy taking a hit from unemployment. People will starve, not from Covid, but because Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo don’t know how to deal with Covid.

Instead of smartly protecting the vulnerable, they inflicted laws upon the healthy that have resulted in millions of people who cannot earn a living. The media connects Covid to the economic impact as if its the virus’s fault when its stupid leadership.

Business being shut doesn’t reduce spread. It creates a disruption. People die from poverty, not Covid.

I feel sorry for viewers who consume news. I also feel sorry for dimwit news reporters.

Neither of these groups are able to understand even the basics of not only science, but of economic principles as well. And because of this failing, people will die, not from Covid, but from poverty.

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