UK Citizens Are Now Prisoners

Look to England and you will see a future America you may not like.

Citizens of the UK are now prisoners of the State. It’s called being in Tier 4 and because our leaders across the pond have no idea how to deal with a self-created pandemic, millions of people are virtual prisoners of their government.

Let me be clear. This article does not seek to diminish the health threat of coronavirus, but the event was so mishandled because our leaders have no clue what to do. 

Masks didn’t work. In fact, studies show masks actually cause respiratory issues because you are breathing in what you just exhaled (carbon dioxide).

To illustrate how effective protective coverings are at preventing the spread of covid, I was in my car with my window rolled up with the air conditioning on and it was 78 degrees. I could smell the cigarette smoke coming from someone in the car in front of me twenty feet awayand my windows were closed; a few days earlier I was walking my dog down my street and I could smell cigarette smoke from someone no nearer than 100 feet away. How on earth does a mask prevent a virus that is ten times smaller than cigarette smoke from getting through a paper or cloth mask? The answer is it doesn’t!

What has helped spread covid is healthy people being forced to stay home and being forced to stay in close quarters when what they need is fresh air, exercise, physical fitness, all which boost the body’s natural immune system.

Most people don’t get sick from flu every year because they are not forced to stay indoors with others who are symptomatic. Flu season this year was exacerbated by lack of mobility and deficient immunity (partly caused by stress), and it is these numbers, in addition to a COVID test that provides a 40% false positive, that are driving new case counts, and yet deaths, which are almost always now attributed to Covid, are NOT raising the overall average of annual mortality in the U.S. or elsewhere, as stated earlier this year by the CDC, but then removed for fear people would “let their guard down.”

The numbers being presented as supposed COVID deaths are false, probably by at least 60%. Most are “covid-related,” but have little or nothing to with COVID.

As of today, three times as many people have died worldwide from malnutrition than from COVID-related deaths. And yet we are told COVID is the real threat. More people die each year from suicide and AIDS than from COVID,. and yet COVID is presented as a threat which demands a global shutdown The case numbers are exaggerated by false positives and aggressive testing, and the media reports it with alarming frequency.

The British Government this week leaked an unsubstantiated report that a new strain in England is 70% more contagious, without showing any proof. Turns out it was simply the opinion of a member of the NIH, nothing peer-reviewed, and yet all major media pushed the story to stoke more fear.

Most people do not know if they have COVID and they will completely recover without knowing they became infected.

Asymptomatic people do not spread covid. You can only spread it if you are infected (sick). Social media will not allow you to state this openly. Strange.

Most people (99.7%), are not at risk from getting sick or dying from COVID.

The people that are vulnerable, those above 65 with pre-existing conditions could have easily been guarded and protected. Instead, the normal healthy people have been sequestered because of bad leadership and a desire by the media to create fear during a U.S. presidential election.

Even just recently, Joe Biden is saying he is going to take “drastic measures” once he is sworn in as president. How much more drastic can you get? Our economy is in shambles and the cases are still going up after eight months of “flattening the curve.” How can you flatten the curve when false positives are driving false data?

New York, California and other democratically run States have been in lockdown for months, with no end in sight. Business have been ruined, lives shattered and yet our leaders continue to issue bad policy after bad policy to protect us, when in fact they are destroying everything we are and what we have built because they have control over us through legal force.

False positives, exaggerated numbers, misrepresented fatality data, and now two experimental vaccines that governments will force people to take when it has not be truly been tested over the long-term to determine side effects. All of this coming from the kind of leadership we would expect in Czarist Russia, or Xi’s China. And yet we the people remain subdued, afraid, morally wounded.

30-40% of small business have been destroyed by our leadership. Criminals are being released while law-abiding citizens are being charged with crimes for non-compliance to draconian laws with little or no scientific basis, and even our children are being deprived of normalcy because we have leaders who are acting unstable. What else can they take from us? What else are we willing to let them destroy before we rise up and demand these people out of office?! 

Will our local police allow our big government to seize freedom under the false pretense of supposed safety when what they have done thus far has not solved the virus pandemic, but has only made it worse?

California and Florida. Two States. One closed, one is open, one is crumbing while the other thrives. Do you need further evidence that California leadership has failed?

There were more suicides in San Francisco than there have been deaths from COVID. Some leadership are simply saying the suicides are caused by COVID, therefore they are COVID-related deaths. Can you believe the insanity of that? The suicides are being driven by hopelessness, and the State’s Congressional leader is offering to give $600 dollars to its citizens to “help them.”

No thank you Nancy Pelosi.

What other evidence do you need to revolt and push back? NO violence, but plenty of resistance.

And do not count on the media to help you. They work for the State, they will call you deniers, and say that if you resist keeping your business open you are spreading the disease, you are risking lives. If you dare not wear your mask or have a party in your home, you will be demonized and made to look like a criminal, thanks to your media darlings who have turned against you and are mere props for the State to keep you in fear.

To those in the media, your days are numbered once citizens realize you are part of the power-elite who want to dominate the citizens of this country and elsewhere.

Social Media is watching you, and squashing dissent. Find alternatives to communicate. Soon it will be illegal to say things on social media that present “risk.” 

Look to the UK to see where America is headed. 

I am sorry to my friends in the United Kingdom. I hope Spring brings you a speedy recovery, and I hope you entire leadership is finally exposed for being the thieves that they are, just as they are now in our country.

Once again Americans may have to lead the way in pushing back against tyranny, even from our own government.

And it’s about to get much worse after January 20, if we allow it to.

Jim Watkins is an author, media consultant and director of Project Liberty, a not for profit organization dedicated to preserving freedom and liberty for all.

Reach Jim at

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  1. We are currently in our third lockdown and the high street is closed. Only large supermarkets are open and DIY stores. Workmen are digging the roads and maintaining utilities. Schools all went back Mon 8th March, they are tested at school three times a week and their parents have two tests to do at home. So in two weeks time when new case figures filter through we are expecting another lockdown scenario.


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