The U.S. Left Is Being Compromised By Xi’s China

The very notion that liberty could one day soon be considered a privilege dispensed by the State sickens me. And yet our own U.S. leaders, particularly those of the progressive Left, have already embraced this ideology as the proper one.

Service to the State is taught to our children in school.

That is Marxism.

America, because of communist influence that has been ‘baked-in’ to our public educational system over several decades, is already serving Xi’s vision of America becoming a socialist State, under the heel of Chinese rule.

The elite in this country truly believe the masses could never truly handle freedom.

Xi and the CCP long ago learned that the masses are “children to be controlled.” Our leaders, void of moral courage, are also beginning to embrace “soft socialism,” as a lever to continued political power.

Propaganda, fear, misinformation, suppression, caste systems among loyalists towards those who embrace tyranny, are effective tools used to control people.

American media, incentivized by the massive Chinese audience, are adopting their tools.

Our news is subtely moving more and more towards adopting agenda-driven narratives which support allegiance to the progressive State (that must solve all problems), while those opposed to paternalistic governace are silenced, marginalized, or even criminalized. Washington DC is now a complete police-state. The reaction to a mob was all it took for the fences, CCTV monitores everehere, on constan survellience to be instituted to protect the state rulers. They are scared, to say the least.

The misinformation campaign to hide facts about coronavirus is proof that Americans are being controlled through fear. Lockdowns were a bad calculation, especially on the heels of the summer of love when authority allowed for peaceful protests in the name of social justice.

The fact that a skewed national election places Joe Biden in the White House is deplorable enough; additonally that the “Big Guy” received millions of dollars from the CCP for shady business deal is, to Xi’s pleasure, a form of political check-mate our media has swept under the rug.

A virus developed in China has all but destroyed the U.S. economy. Leaders took thier cue and are imposing controls to limit movement. Media misreporting information to instill fear creates castes of followers as well as ‘deniars.’

Today we can criticize our leaders. But not for long.

As in China, maintaining order now requires draconian laws to “preserve stability;” all that is needed is public compliance (people agreeing stability is more important than personal freedom) to preserve order.

All of this portends to a slowly emerging communist State here at home. Of course we won’t call it communism, or secular totalitarianism, but that is what it will be.

Soon we (our leaders) will praise Xi, give him kudos for maintaining order, call the Chinese system praisworthy, and even adopt many of their social control technologies like the Social Credit System that is being exported to tyrants everywhere (thanks, in part, to Google) and Microsoft and AI.

The dictum of the left is always the same whether you ask a Castro or an Ocasio-Cortez: the many must be controlled by the few for their own good.

Privately, every world leader believes most people are too ignorant, too lazy and too unintelligent to survive without their help. This is at the root of globalism, which is premised on Marxist ideology of central government planning.

The price for this security is your benign allegiance to their authority.

The Chinese rulership weilds incredibly influence in U.S. academia, media and to a certain extent, our politics.

With regard to the communist influence we only need to temember we can’t fix a problem if we don’t acknowledge it even exists.

If we don’t collectively recognize that China wants to help destabilize our influence in the world so they can dominant trade, commerce and culture, that we are in fact in an ideological war, then the United States, then we will lose this war.

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