Part 2: How Do We Win?

How Exactly Do We Intend on Defeating China?

As a teenager growing up in a bad part of Los Angeles, I recall one instance where, during PE, which took place at a nearby municipal city park because our school didn’t have room for basketball courts, I had the unfortunate fate of being surrounded by four Chicano, bandana-wearing, Zoot-suit looking gangsters who decided they were going to have some fun with a white kid while the gym coach wasn’t looking.

I survived with just a few bruises but I learned a valuable lesson.

When you are outnumbered by your enemy, run. Or even better, avoid putting yourself in that situation in the first place.

I ended up skipping PE for the rest of the year. I still passed because my gym coach died and he didn’t keep very good records.

China is four times as large as the U.S. They outnumber us. They also steal, lie and cheat on the world stage.

They act as Al-Qaeda does; “if they are our enemy, they are not worthy of our sympathy or our mercy.”

This is how China views the rest of the world, or at least the Chinese Communist Party does.

We are a nuisance, we get in the way of their ultimate right to dominate the world.

To them, the CCP and the Xi philosophy, which is the current ideology ruling the CCP, they have the richest culture, the most diverse country, and the best system of government.

To them we are inferior because we let too many undesirables control our country; we are weak in their eyes because we believe in things like human rights, and social justice. It is they, and not we, who will one day dominate the world in trade, technology and military might.

And there is nothing to stop them except America, provided she doesn’t allow herself to get surrounded and outnumbered.

China leverages its population.

Wall Street loves China because of its commercial growth potential; Hollywood and the media loves China because American cinema is shuttered, and four-times the audience is something you can’t turn down.

Democrats love the Chinese because many of them are on the take or being funded indirectly by American activism that is supported by Chinese interests who want to create American instability.

Our young people love China because many colleges and universities have praised the Chinese socialist system as superior to free-market Capitalism, and our free market Capitalists love china because cheap save labor there means bigger profit margins here.

And Joe Biden loves China because, well, they just gave him ten million bucks for being a swell guy.

So I have to ask, if China is doing what they openly declared last week, which is to defeat America, how exactly are we planning to stop them?

Our young have been turned against the very country that has supported them; there is no patriotism towards the United States, at least among many younger Americans.

The media will not cover or extensively investigate any wrongdoing by the Chinese government. Period.

It isn’t as if they (China) calls and say don’t show that. The implication is clear; the American media conglomerates know not to embarrass the Chinese people (i.e., the CCP) or risk losing lucrative business ties.

Politicians are careful not to step over the line, which tells you the length towards which our own government is worried.

No one denies the Chinese are spying on us, and they have the manpower to spy on every one of us. And that is the problem.

Can someone tell me how we get out of this one?

Or are we really stupid? Tough questions need sober answers. Our future as a country depends on it.

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