A Sober and Much Needed Approach to Transgenderism

There is no such thing as “being in born in the wrong body,” any more than being born with the wrong colored hair, or wrong-length chin; but there is such a thing as being emotionally unprepared to deal with the reality of who you are. And that is called mental illness.

How is it our society has embraced mental illness as a right? 

If we say follow the science, then science shows us conclusively there is no example in biology where any species has more than two sexes, male and female, nor are species able to choose and define their own sexual identity, except through the subjective process of thinking and feeling.

There are unisexual microbes, there may even be some very rare species who are not quite identifiable as being one sex or another, but this has never been demonstrated in the human species until modern man decided to treat sexual dysphoria, a persons dysfunctional view of self, as being a biological sickness that requires remedy through hormone manipulating drugs and physical surgery, both of which are quite lucrative industries at present.

An emotional disorder, a person who has strong or confusing emotions requires therapy, they need to get counseling to uncover the root cause of the emotional disorder from which they suffer, and it can only be resolved through intellectual discourse that brings the person back to reality so that they can accept “who they really are.”

If a patient comes in and says his leg is on fire and it looks normal, would you remove the leg? Or, would you try to determine what is making the person feel that his leg is on fire?

If a person tells you they can’t connect emotionally or sexually with a person of the opposite sex, would you try to determine the root cause of the disorder, or would you assume they may be in the wrong body?

Any reasonable person would properly choose to find the root of the underlying problem rather than resort to a drastic remedy that would not solve the problem, it would just remove it temporarily. 

And yet, our media, our health industry and our political leaders have accepted the notion that biological sex is not determined at birth. There is zero evidence that shows any person can, with accuracy, determine they have been born “into the wrong body.”

Except for the fact that is it has become a cultural phenomena to elevate sexual dysphoria, a form of metal illness, to a virtue, we have also now accepted insanity as being quite normal, and only because it fits within the sexual liberation movement of the modern era. 

This does not bode well for a progressive civilization. 

In Norway, verbally rejecting transgenderism is a crime, even in the privacy of your own home. In England, publicly greeting someone incorrectly (if they are transgender) will get you a citation, as in some U.S. cities; Joe Biden has said that on day one he will require all public schools to allow transgender students equal access to boys and girls bathrooms, a national priority, according to Biden. Soon, it will be against the law to publicly disrespect trangenderism. Antifa destroys buildings because they are angry at people for discriminating against Black trans folk. In many Western U.S. school districts, 1st and 2nd grade students spend time with trans Queens in school libraries.

We need to ask ourselves why we are celebrating sexual dysphoria, a deep emotional disorder that should concern people, not give cause to celebrate pride. We need to realize the greater implications of what it says about us that we see dysfunction and embrace it as functionally proper. It would be like telling a child has been abused and telling them they should celebrate the abuse as an achievement.

I wish no ill will on those who suffer from sexual dysphoria, but the better approach, the more honest approach, is to assist them into getting back to who they really are, instead of prodding them into being something they are not, and will never be, no many how many hormone-blocking pills they take.

Acceptance of transgenderism as normal is anti-Science and anti-moral. It promotes deception of self to the levels of promoting insanity as being sane.

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