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Why I Stopped Watching Fox News

It appears reliable news is now an endangered species.

Don’t get me wrong. I like honest reporting.

Though Fox News Channel and its radio counterpart do offer what I consider more fair and balanced than most other networks, it’s not the coverage, it’s the lack of substance.

All networks have fallen into the trap into believing Americans only care about COVID cases and only care about Trump’s re-election, and only about the superficiality of it all. Missing are in-depth details, a true debate and investigative journalism. The anchors and hosts seem more fixated on being popular than trying to find, and then explain, the deeper meanings of any story.

I like Maria Bartiromo since she took over the reigns from Imus (whom I miss terribly), as she at least covers China news and has more intelligent, hard-hitting interviews, but her show is clearly not getting the support it needs from the network, and probably because of the huge salaries being given to Doocey, Earhardt and Kilmeade, the cash-cow Friends down the hall.

As I see it, Americans don’t care about as much about Trump getting re-elected, as they do about our elections having integrity, so when I hear “no evidence of election fraud,” coming from the goons at Fox, I know I am being lied to, I am seeing lazy journalism. News programs are is supposed to investigate, not echo what other networks say. 

All of the networks failed us on the proper and truthful reporting on the Coronavirus from the beginning. The fact that every single network pivoted to calling it “COVID-19” instead of the Wuhan virus tells us who is operating the levers behind the curtain. It is the Fox corporation unduly leveraged by 1.4 customers who mostly speak Mandarin, that’s who.

Edward R. Murrow is rolling over in his grave.

Americans already know they are being lied to about COVID, but instead of doing their job and exposing politically-driven science and censoring certain unpleasant information (because it might make Americans less concerned about contracting COVID), the ‘fair and balanced’ team at Fox News have gotten lazy and are doing what everyone else is doing: reporting incomplete news with little or no investigative reporting. 

That I have scooped them on major breaking news on the pandemic speaks volumes (The Barrington Letter, which states lockdowns are useless and killing millions of impoverished people worldwide, and the most recent Johns Hopkins analysis internal report that says overall deaths have not increased due to COVID from year-to-year), tells you that someone over at Fox has dropped the ball.

Fox has done little to follow voting irregularities that overwhelmingly show malfeasance in our elections, and have not done much to expose the fraud that has been our political approach to dealing with coronavirus lockdowns, and the real-life impacts such foolish decisions have created. Both of these massive stories illustrates Fox is no longer interested in covering the unpleasant truth.

Simply showing new cases numbers and saying “nothing to see here,” is not news. Perhaps they are worried that a Biden presidency distances them from White House access.

FNC is looking more like Daily Mail UK these days than what it was under Roger Ailes. It has gone from being a bulldog to a shitzou, a cute and cuddly news channel, but with little bark left. I applaud Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham for sticking to their guns. Let’s hope the wives of the Murdoch brothers don’t get everything they want.

News in general in American is now no longer reliable. Facts give way to opinion, which has given way to mostly he-said, she-said coverage, which means little of it concerns me and the impact any of it will have on my family. I have to read avant garde news to find out what is happening around the world because our own networks are too lazy to do it.

When was the last time you heard of the ongoing slaughter of Christians that continues world wide? The answer is you haven’t.

As a conservative, I’m not looking so much for confirmation news, I just want real, in-depth news without the censorship and bias. Is that too much to ask?

Townhall, Newsmax and The Epoch Times are more reliable because, unlike many news networks who are subsidized by the taxpayer through cable user fees, these news organizations live or die by the product they deliver. 

Too bad that isn’t true for the others. We would all be the better for it.

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