America’s Worst Case Scenario Is About To Begin

Our worst case scenario is what happens when the Democrats gain control and hand it over to the Progressive Left, who then begin the real transformation of America. 

Here is what to expect after the Senate and the Presidency is controlled by Democrats:

Higher taxes

High unemployment

52 States (DC and Puerto Rico) which will give the Democrats in both Houses a permanent majority

More government programs

More restriction on speech and self-defense 

Our Public Treasury will be depleted

The Poverty class will grow while the middle class and the upper class shrink. 

And that’s just the broad stuff. But wait, there’s more:

Increased censorship. More people will be subject to cancel culture, which means the loss of jobs and a public perception that one should be careful about what they say. A majority of young people now agree that hate-speech should be regulated. Social media is already doing this, a direct result of generations of indoctrination into groupthink ideology, which says feelings matter more than critical thinking.

In China the way they control society is actually very simple, neighbors become watchers who report to the State any unusual activity. People who do this are rewarded in two ways: they receive extra rations from the State as a reward, they also secure for themselves relief from being persecuted by the State – they earn honor.

This works in prisons and it works in totalitarian societies. When you have regional political leaders encouraging citizens to report behavior of their fellow citizens, even if it is under the guise of safety, your society has embraced soft-tyranny. We can expect the media and our political leaders to expand this practice in the coming decade.

For conservatives this is especially perilous because it means you or I can be called out if we say or publish something that is contrary to whatever the State deems appropriate. Under a permanent Democratic-Progressive-Socialist State, we may have freedom of speech in theory, but in practice such freedoms will also land you in jail or at the receiving end of being doxxed or shamed into oblivion by a merciless army of woke supporters of the State. This is already under way.

Victim class subsidy. Race and gender will take the place of merit. Social resentment between races and genders will be exacerbated by this new policy of redistribution of wealth between those who work and those who don’t. This will also weaken the America economy because our own citizens will not be qualified to fill positions which require a highly educated class. Our educated class will continue to decline as emphasis is directed toward the humanities instead of the sciences, as it has been for over two decades. 

False science used to legislate freedom. We are already told the climate science is “settled” and that cheap energy must be replaced by expensive energy to save the planet. Every person under the age of 28 now believes the climate is in crisis and the only way to end it is to give up freedom. The adoption of agenda-science driven social policy is no different from when Priests and the Occult Class ruled society in the 13th Century.

Tran-sexualism will redefine the mores into not two sexes, but many or none, destroying concept of family. More and more, children are be indoctrinated into believing they are not boys and girls, nor male and female, but are, instead, being taught they are binary or non-binary by choice, that biology is a construct (how’s that for science?) that restricts freedom of choice, and that monogamy is no longer desired (which undermines marriage, which then shifts parental authority to the State).

The Continual sexualization of Children. For reasons that are not altogether clear, child sex-trafficking is on the rise and world governments seem to look the other way. Meanwhile, our US media under progressive liberalism, has embraced the sexualization of children at a younger age in talent shows, movies and especially with music stars. This also encourages promiscuity among young girls, undermining parental authority.

Add to this the feminization of young boys who are taught that women are stronger and smarter than men, and any exhibition of strength is deemed “toxic.” Expect this cultural propaganda to shift into high gear as progressivism dominates the classroom and media even further.

Control of information. We have seen that misinformation is removed if such information doesn’t agree with consensus. The public is deprived of factual and complete knowledge, therefore they cannot make an honest appraisal of anything they are told. 

Furthermore, people are told to listen to the government for answers, which defers judgement to the State, which cannot make mistakes. In this scenario citizens are no longer held accountable for being wrong because they can simply defer to the State; it was the group that decided on policy.

Religious expression will be deemed hate-speech.

Apathy will undermine our national conscience because the State controls or regulates our lives at every level.

This is what can we expect from the new leadership in the United States as they see to “fundamentally tranform” our country.

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